Monday, January 13, 2014

Saved From the Freeze......

Our temperature got down to 32* a week ago but it didn't stay long enough to do any damage in the garden. I was so very thankful! My garden posts are going to look out of season to some of you but I hope you will enjoy the pictures and look forward to your gardens breaking forth with spring in just a few weeks.

These two obelisks were Christmas gifts and for now are situated here with the Tibouchina plant.  

These add a nice new look to this area, bringing some shine and new interest.

Our cooler weather has been good for some plants, especially the rose bushes.

Most of my roses have been blooming, some with larger blossoms.  Roses really struggle in the high temperatures of our hot summers.

I have let some of the lettuces blossom which is not a good thing unless you are interested in saving seeds.  It is pretty much the end of the plant. I have trimmed them back at times and the plant would keep producing for awhile longer.  

The more you clip herbs the better they produce, too.  Especially basil. Basil is more of a warm weather plant, not liking temperatures much below 50.

Flowering cilantro. I love the flavor of cilantro but still don't use it enough to keep it trimmed.  My plants get neglected during the holiday season. I am glad to still have healthy plants, regardless of my neglect.


Parsley and sage all intertwined. 

I have had this same pot of violets for years! You will notice the pot has turned green. I use to put buttermilk, etc. on pots to achieve this look at my old garden but it never worked. Here, it just happens naturally and I like it.

I expected if I would part the leaves and look close I might find a bloom!

This ground-cover succulent is enjoying the cold air. It is a darker and brighter green.

And look at the moss here in my little rock garden.

A bromeliad among the ferns.

A brighter red colored one.

Here is a good example of why this bromeliad  is called matchstick. The bloom (partly hidden by the coleus) at this stage looks very much like little matches.

I wanted to give you an update of the paperwhites. It won't be long at all now until the blooms appear.

And, I will end with this little friend. Thank you for bearing with me with so many pictures. I am guessing it is better to use more in each garden post and not post as often. Next post we will be inside.


  1. Oh I am enjoying a look at your beautiful green! I think I need a trip to Florida this time of year. SO nice to see roses!

    1. I am glad you enjoyed the garden tour. Florida is a good place to visit in the winter! Do come for a visit. Being mid-way, (central Florida) we can have very warm but we also get a few days of very cold. It is so sad when a hard freeze comes through.

  2. The plants are so beautiful! I never get tired of looking at your pictures. So post all you want to. Any tome of the year! Some of the plants on the south side of the house are looking good. But it is always hotter there. Even when we have wind chills of -50 like last week!! Now tomorrow we are suppose to get between 4-8 inches of snow with winds of 40 MPH. So I guess the poor plants will be hidden again. Winter in Wisconsin. They said though that the extreme weather last week may not be good at all for our plants. We will have top wait until spring to see if they are right or not!

    1. Oh, I can't imagine being in cold that feels like -50. I think I would stay inside all winter. I hope you didn't get extreme plant damage. Thank you for stopping by and for leaving your nice comments.


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