Thursday, January 2, 2014

Ushering in a White New Year........

..........With the holidays for 2013 now history, it is a good time for soothing winter whites. Although I agree with Thoreau who said, "always maintain a kind of summer even in the middle of winter" and that is easier to do here where I live than it would be in other states, and though outside still looks and feels like fall (Florida fall)  in most respects, I like to maintain a quiet appeal and simple elegance of winter white after the hectic pace of the holidays. Now, that is a long southern sentence! I hope you got my "drift"!

I left the white snowflake cloth and the silver chargers on the table. They take on an icy look when they are not covered with a plate. Of course, this is not a complete tablescape, ready to use.  The chargers are not to be used for plates with food.
I need to make it clear up front that this is not a Christmas tree.  It is a white snow covered winter tree.

I put a new white runner down the middle of the table. The runner was a gift from Carrie, my daughter. She thinks and plans ahead. She got the runner in Lancaster county Pennsylvania last summer and put it away for a Christmas present for me. It has a very pretty embroidered, white on white, design down both sides.

I took some pictures in the daytime with a flash, some without a flash and some at night with a flash. I couldn't decide which look I like best so I will mix it up with each kind. This one sure gives me the feel of a winter wonderland. Looks cold, doesn't it? As I ended this sentence there was a rumble of thunder outside. A cold front is coming through, it is dark and rainy.
The temperature will drop and......
the candlelight will seem appropriate.



I purposely wanted to show a peep through the window at the blooming begonia. It doesn't quite mix with my cool snowy scene inside. Oh, well, it's the best of both worlds!

This speaks of the quiet warmness that I like.

This one makes me think of all the people in the northeastern states that have a blizzard on the way right now. I hope you can keep your warm, cozy fires going and enjoy whatever it is you have.


I like to have paperwhite bulbs up and ready to bloom about now but these got a late start. It doesn't take long, though, and I will be showing the flowers. All you need for this is a few paperwhites nestled in some pebbles and water up to where the roots form on the bottoms.

You can see these have already sprouted and will be sending up long shoots in a few days.
Where ever you are - find comfort and warmth and have a great 2014!

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  1. Beautiful table runner! We've just put our Christmas decorations away so the house looks empty. You didn't waste any time changing things up :-)


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