Saturday, October 15, 2011

Garden color and my good looking neighbor!!!

     First, I want to introduce you to my garden journal.  Gardening slowed down a lot this summer due to the heat and an onslaught of mosquitos! Could hardly stand to be outside for the longest time!  So, naturally, journaling has been slow too but I have a couple of pages to show you. Do you like to journal your garden life?  I enjoy doing that about as much as gardening itself.  I am presently using a three ring binder and like this style a lot.

I had to search for the right size book and one that wasn't plastic and finally settled for this plain one that I had to put a new front on.

These two pages were done back in August. I now have a little catching up to do!

Now, on to the flowers.  It takes these Jerusalem Artichokes almost all year to reach their height and bloom.  This year just as they were coming into full bloom a big limb fell right in the middle of them. You can tell in this picture how they got knocked over.

Then last weekend we got 7+ inches of rain and now most of these are on the ground but still blooming.

This is purple oxalis.  Not the dreaded invasive that the green one is which some people call shamrocks.

A very large hibiscus bloom.

Several of my rose bushes are blooming again. But, the blossoms are small.  This one must have been breakfast for some little critter.

I love the little buds.

Texas sage grew very tall and is finally blomming.

Red salvia and the little purple blooms are Mexican batchelor buttons.  I have more than enough of both.

We cannot grow the regular tarragon here in Florida but this is our substitute with the same flavor - Mexican marigold.

The Loropetalum has decided to bloom full again.


And, I wanted to show you this big spider web.  The spiders are small but, they make these huge webs.  If you have ever tried to get a good picture of one you know they are hard to photograph but the sun was shining on it and I got an angle that allowed it to show in this picture.

And finally, my good looking neighbor that lives just up the road from me!!

I don't know much about horses but I think he is a good looking fellow.  I found him up by the fence along the road this morning and he was quite happy to pose for me.

I wish I had an apple for him.

It is actually looking a bit like fall here!

I hope you enjoyed my outdoor pictures. I always appreciate you taking the time to look. And, I already have something else to share in a few days. Check back!


  1. I love gardening, unfortunately weeding comes with the territory. Love the pics, especially the spider web. You are right, very hard to photograph.

    I discovered tarragon a few years ago and absolutely love it in chicken salad. Never heard of the Mexican variety but good to know it has the same flavor. Well, I learned something new today and it's not even 9:00 - I guess I'll shut my brain down and go do some mindless laundry. Sometimes, those kind of days are good for recharging the soul!

  2. Thanks for visiting Lilly. I love the tarragon flavor in fruit salad. You might want to try that sometime.


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