Sunday, October 2, 2011

Oh my! I ate the whole pie!

At the September Girls Celebration (an earlier post) my friend Berry told us how she had started cooking half recipes for her husband and herself. And, that includes desserts. She went on to tell about the little individual pie pans she had found at Target. The next time I was in Target I went looking for those little pie pans.

I found two choices and one was this cute little thing. It is made of a pottery-like glassware. Another one looked like a two serving size with a second piece that cuts a design in the top crust. This one was just too cute to pass up. You can see I was all ready to dig in before the pie was even made!

I got the crust all ready and I am just loving the way the minature pie is shaping up.

Apple pie would have been a good seasonal choice but somehow the blueberry pie filling,all ready to use,  just around the corner from where I found the pan spoke to me!

It baked up nice and brown and with the ruler you can see that the pie itself measures about five inches.

This blogging is changing my life!! I don't even like to drink milk but thought it would look nice in the pictures and in this little glass with a handle!!

I was interested to see if the pie would come out of the pan in one piece and as you can see it just slipped out pretty as can be. Although it would be great to leave it in the pan to serve.

Also checked to see if it would cut into miniture slices and yes it did. if you used a tiny server it could become six two-bite servings.  I did eat the whole thing at one sitting and that is a bit too much. If you eat it after a meal one half would be good. So, since I know by experience it works great I will be getting one more so I could easily serve myself and a friend or two.

Thanks Berry, for sharing!  Thank you all for reading my ramblings!


  1. Oh my gosh, this looks gorgeous AND delicious!!! I wish I wasn't on a low-carb diet--I'd come right over and join you! lol


  2. Hi Betty, That baking dish is a great idea, didn't know there was anything like it. The blueberry pie looks perfect (and delicious) ! Maybe I wouldn't feel guilty eating the whole pie if I used this little dish. Have a great week!----Shannon


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