Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Tea Treasures Thursday ~ #6

     I have been very busy lately and have let more time than usual go by without posting. I didn't want to not do the tea treasures today so I very quickly threw some pictures together. I chose the cup and saucer this time by the little bouquet of roses I already had.  My rose bushes have all taken a blooming spell again.

These are from two bushes, the white ones are from Ducher and the pink are G. Nabbanond.  I'm not sure if I am remembering the correct spelling of that last name.  It is one of my favorite roses.

This cup is from the Duchess company.

A pretty little rose on the inside rim.

This little pitcher was brought from England to me by my daughter.  I may line up all my pitcher's sometime to show you.  I probably have more than I even realize.

I remembered after I started this that I have already featured this tea pot. But, here it is again. It is a Homer Laughlin.  I remember the day years ago when I spotted this in a flea market and was so glad to be able to buy it. 

I was the leader of my book reader's club today.  That means I was able to select the book of the month, find a place for us to have lunch together and lead the discussion.  We went to Mimi's for lunch and then they came home with me for dessert and the discussion.  This is a sampling of the desserts I made.  It is yummy chocolate cake, pumpkin cake with carmel sauce (sorry ladies I forgot to have the sauce on the buffet).  And also, dessert crepes with blueberries.

I used this cup hanger turned grape hanger to present the grapes.  I think they didn't notice the little sissors to use to cut off little bunches. 

This grape stand looked better when it was on the buffet with the other food.  I was just too busy to get pictures.

Well, thanks for checking in and I hope I can live some kind of interesting life in the next few days to share with you all!

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