Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Tea Treasures Thursday #5 ~ British

     Wow, this time sure rolls around in a hurry.  I may reconsider and do this subject every other week instead of weekly.  I am thinking you may get tired of seeing my tea things so often.

      I am excited to show you today's tea treasures!  I have some special ones to share.  Partly because of, 'from whence they came'!  And, also because of what they are.

This special cup and saucer was a gift to me from a sweet friend who lives in England.  It is from her Gran's collection!  She and her mother inherited the collection just a few months back.  I feel very privileged to now have this pretty C/S as my very own!

The china is so dainty and the colors very vivid.

"By appointment to Her Majesty the Queen".  I have no idea of its age.

The scroll design around the inside rim is delicate and pretty.

Did you notice this little tea spoon which had joined the cup in the previous picture?  It's hard to see in this picture but, that IS the initials of the Queen on there.  My son-in-law grew up in London and became a chef, working for a top-notch catering company.  They did events for premiers, royalty and a lot of classy parties  and special meals for many well-known people, including one or more of our presidents.  He cooked for Diana one time. Just about the time he married my daughter he was cleared to do private meals at #10 Downing Street.  Tony Blair and family were living there. 

This is from #10 Downing Street and is from the Queen's china.  E R is for Elizabeth Regina. Mark told me that the dishes get passed back and forth between the #10 house and the palace and that it is likely that this plate was used at both. My thoughtful son-in-law, knowing how I like dishes and collect small silver pieces inquired of a butler whether there might be something he could have for me.  This is what he came back with. So, let's just leave it with  ~ ~ ~  the butler did it!

This big fork also has the Queens initials.  I don't remember the exact story of when or how Mark came into possession of it. I know one thing, I am very happy that he remembered me! Just to think, Her Majesty could have stirred her tea with this little spoon or Diana could possibly have eaten from the plate!

This is the fork. Definitely the best quality silver that I own.  It's heavy.

The backside of the fork.  It doesn't show here but the structure is different - the pointed ridge is raised.  All the official marks are on the other end.  Didn't think to take that picture.

So, now Mark cooks for Arnold Palmer, special events and dinner parties at his house. Uummmmmh, I wonder what kind of spoon he stirs his special tea blend (half tea/half lemonade) with???  I'm not sure if he has a butler.

You got a peep at this long, tall lady in the previous picture.  I include her with these British things not because she came from there but I have always thought she looks English.  Some of them might beg to differ with me but I nearly always think that when I see her.  She was also a gift.  My sister bought her for me after I admired her in a store (Ross) while we were shopping together.

And, would you take a look at her cup!!!  Red polka dots!  Those who have seen my post titled: I See Polka Dots will know why I point that out.  Did not think to use her in that posting.

I think I need to present her with a string of tiny pearls!

She is so sophisticated looking - all fifteen and three quarter inches of her!  And, aren't you reminded of "stiff upper lip"?  She looks confident and ready to handle whatever comes.

I thought these little shoes would fit in with todays look also.  I found them in Target one year.  They were Christmas ornaments but I never used them that way.  I got this lace and made napkin rings.

My house is so difficult to take true color pictures in.  Or, I just need to learn to use the camera differently. 

So, here is how the featured things are displayed in my dining room.

I treasure the people and the tea things that are included in this post, including the butler!!! 


  1. Betty, this is such an interesting post. You certainly have a thoughtful son-in-law to bring you such wonderful things that he knew you would cherish. He has had nice places to work. I like the English looking lady that you bought, she looks so proper. Thanks for sharing these special items.--------- Shannon

  2. I LOVE seeing you c/s's. I look forward to seeing them. I also love the statue and boots. You have some interesting items!

  3. Hello, I'm new to your blog and now following! I struck gold today! I love a good cup of tea, and I love dishes! I feel like you wrote this post just for me! LOL!!! The teacup & saucer are just beautiful, and how lucky are you to own some of the queens china and silver - be still my heart! I'm happy to have stopped by today!



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