Monday, October 17, 2011

Seasonal traditions and shopping

     Thinking about how fall lends itself to great traditions. We all know the typical with special decorating, etc.  But, do you have any that might not be so common.  I think I have started a new one for the last three years.  Do you remember the powdered drink mix recipe that was called Russian tea ~ at least that is what my recipe is called.  You know the one, it uses Tang, instant tea, spices etc.  I use to make it every fall but, I think I have found something similar that I like a lot and I only see it in the store at this time of year (not saying it can't be found other times) and it is easier. I tend to go for easy these days.

It's this powered mix which is more apple flavored.  I am enjoying a mug of this every few days in the cooler weather. Yes, even here it is noticeably cooler! If you are more ambitious than I am you can mix your own spiced apple cider from scratch. The other tradition connected to my drinking, is certain things just taste better out of particular vessels.  I use another mug when I drink hot chocolate.This one is the spiced apple cider mug.  Now, it might have something to do with the fact that I found my mug in a china store in London that makes it the special one.  I like the elderberry design - berries and blossoms.  Find yourself a special mug. You don't need to go all the way to London but, for heaven's sake don't drink anything out of an ugly mug!!!

Don't you just love the names little villages in England have ~ Stoke-On-Trent.  One of my favorites is Burton-On-The-Water. The Brits call it "Buttun On the Wata".  I have some great pictures from there that I might share sometime.

Now on to something entirely different but, still somewhat of a fall tradition.  There are a few stores that I only seem to go visit near the holidays of Thanksgiving and Christmas.  I have already hit one of these which is about ten minutes from where I live.  The posts that people do that show the places they are shopping are not some of my favorites but, here I go doing the same thing.  Last week I took a few pictures (with permission) in Kim Coe Designs.  Kim was in the process of "putting out Christmas"  even though she still has gobs of fall things out which were all 20% off. When I asked her how she was she answered, "a bit overwhelmed". And, I could understand why!

This store is in a little strip-mall but, once you walk through the door you would never know it.  It has several rooms and you would think you were in a big house.  Room after room is filled to the brim.  I don't know that I have ever been in a store with more stuff packed in ~ both large furniture and small things.

What I didn't do that I wish I had is zero in on certain items for some close-ups.  Do you see the tree on the right?  It is being snowed on! Moving snow flakes.

Wouldn't I love to have a room that this big picture would accommodate!!!

You can see a definite color scheme in this place.

It goes on and on. 

I would imagine this mantle will have a different look by the time she has her Christmas Open House.  Which will take place before long. But you may be wondering what it is that went home with me this day.

A green velvet pumpkin!  Most of her items are out of my price range but this was not bad especially with 20% off.

And, then there was this bunch of grapes  at a low price.  They are real glass and look very real! I think the stem in the pumpkin is a real stem.

I pulled this sprig of flocked leaves and velvet-like grapes out of an arrangement  I already had  to pair the new bunch with.

Here they are in their big setting in my dining room.  You may remember the stacked cloth pumpkins I made and showed on another posting.  I guess this is the year for cloth pumpkins for me!

And then there was this large acorn at a very good price!  It is made from foam and is so light it would blow away if a good breeze caught it.  It is covered with naturals and you probably know by now if you saw all my fall decorating pictures that I love acorns.  A lot of them have been gifts.

Now, do I go to this and be tempted to spend money that I probably should not spend or use my good sense and just stay away?  I will let you know what rules out.  I sure do like that big clock I saw ~  looks like a giant Big Ben alarm clock!!!


  1. Now that looks like my kind of shop! Love the green velvet pumpkin!

  2. I wouldn't mind getting lost in that fabulous shop! Love it.


  3. Love your mug from London! I bought a cute mug last winter and love drinking warm apple cider in it! You are right, it should be a cute mug. The shop looks fabulous...I could spend all day there!

  4. What a great shop!

    I had to comment about Russian Tea. I remember very well mixing up that recipe and drinking it all the time! Thanks for the great memory.


  5. I'd love to get lost in that store. I'm thinking I'd be in there for days!!!


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