Thursday, October 6, 2011

Tea Treasures Thursday #3

Today I chose to feature this Royal Albert cup and saucer. They have made so many pretty patterns. Many with roses. This one is especially bright and cheerful.

The spoon here is the same pattern my mother used many years ago. I found a few of these in an antique shop.

Also featuring this old Homer Laughlin tea pot.  I like its simple pattern and its shape.

You have probably noticed that one of my favorite colors is this olive green. And, you may remember another napkin ring of this style but a different color in an earlier post.  

One January, a few years back, I got carried away making napkin holders. I made four sets of this style in different colors. I like most anything that has buttons!

Have you noticed this crocheted doily in these pictures. It was made recently by my 91 year old sister and was included in her package sent for my birthday.

Made to perfection and I think it is one of the best patterns I have seen.

This is how I store some of the small silver tea things.

And here is how it is displayed on my buffet.

One of my many tea strainers which stays in the jar.

And another.

Also, tiny salt and pepper shakers.

A little card holder.

Another tea  strainer.

  I wish I could actually hand you a pretty cup and saucer with some good tea on this fall day.  Maybe you are ready to fix yourself some?  Or go searching for some pretty tea things for yourself?

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  1. I have quite a few tea items too! I like how you put all the silver strainers and such in a jar...may copy that one! Thanks for your ideas...I don't have a wall to put a printers box...I really don't have much room left! But thanks for the idea!


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