Sunday, January 15, 2012

We Are Back in the Kitchen..................

     ..........It seems like I will never get this kitchen organized and everything in its place!  First, I changed a thing or two since I showed the last pictures of the kitchen...........

I wasn't really pleased with the sugar and creamer sitting here on the table and upon finding this frame in a drawer, I decided to place it here.

Let me tell you why I have this verse framed.  Several years ago, during the worst period of my life, this verse was "presented" to me twice in one week.  First, while looking through a Dollar Tree store I purchased a little devotional type book. When I got back to where I was staying at the time (with friends) I started reading the book and very quickly this verse just jumped out at me!  So very comforting at the time.  Later in the week at church we had a visiting singing group. They announced their new song title, Zephaniah 3:17!!! The whole song was basically this verse. I could have been the only one there! As far as I was concerned, it was being sung just for me! I later framed it and it was a large part of my life - still one of my favorite verses.

Now, back to kitchen talk ~ these are where the snowmen were. I have never used them in this way. I have a large set of these. They look so pretty on a white tablecloth. I did a tea party table with them one time, using lime green napkins ~ very showy.  But where are the Tennessee animals that were here before the snowmen moved in?

Here are the goats and cow sheltered under this little stool. One goat is minus his horns! One got knocked off and lost during the time they were packed away. I took the other one off. I can tell you a goat looks better with no horns than it does with only one.

And here on top of the stool is the stack of animals.

The rooster and chicken.

I am not sure how this olive tree fits in with Tennessee farm animals but it looks good here.  The little stool was made by Grandma Gorden many, many years ago. I am blessed to have something that belonged to her. But, where are all those big chickens you might ask.

They are all up here on the refrigerator for now.

On around the counter top, past the stove I set up this cold weather drink station. We have been having just the weather for hot drinks.

I have the loose tea from Harrods of London, a great tasting black tea I was gifted with. It comes from the mountains of Sri Lanka. I use a little of the honey in it. Then there is a hot chocolate mix and my very favorite flavored tea bags from Stash ~ White Christmas. They are so good! Stash is one of our best tea companies.

I had used the last bag right after Christmas and went on-line to the Stash company and to my delight they had this on sale at half price.

I ordered two packs, four boxes. I think it came in three days. The company is in Oregon, I believe. One side of the box has french and the other english. It is white tea leaves, peppermint and ginger root, all natural.  Can you see the words on the tag? Cup of Joy. Who wouldn't love drinking a cup of joy!

One more thing and then I will close up the kitchen for the night. In this area I showed you a cream can hanging here. I ran across this small plate rack in the garage and tried it with these little dipping plates and I like the look better. It will stay for now. The cream can full of match books is back in the garage.

As always, I enjoyed visiting with you. I wish I could pour a "cup of joy" for you before you go. If you happen to be someone who needs encouragement and added strength, remember Zephaniah 3:17.


  1. It was good visiting you. Love the new look in your kitchen. Love that hot tea with honey.

  2. Oh, I have so much to comment...

    First, I'm glad you got that verse in the frame out of the drawer. That verse was certainly meant for you. I love the way things like that turn out. Just remember - there is no such thing as a coincidence. That was a genuine God-wink!

    Second, when I see the Tennessee farm animals next to the olive tree, I'm thinking Tuscany, my friend! A little farming village in Italy. Ahh, take me there now!

    Third, I think you should contact the tea company in Oregon and ask them to give you some tea for a giveaway. That would be fun and free advertising for them!!!

    All for now!

    1. I knew when I wrote it that saying the frame/verse was in a drawer didn't sound good. I have had that displayed many years but with such a small amount of room I keep shuffling things. The verse is written on my heart!Tuscany sure fits! I feel I need more viewers before/if I contact a company to do giveaway. I would be happy to let the tea be it, though. What do you think of this new from Blogspot reply thing. I would think a lot who write comments will never see the reply?

  3. I love the knack you have for placing items to come up with a great look. You can make the ordinary look special.....

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. This is a learn as you go - new in blogspot to be able to reply here. I deleted my first reply because the wording was bad. Hopefully they will add an edit choice. I won't be able to reply to every comment because of time. Thank you for your nice comments and continued support!

  4. Good Morning Betty ~~
    I love this post especially the verse, so true, just beautiful.
    So you are from Florida? You wouldn't mind a visit right about now would you? :)
    Have a wonderful day,
    Hugs Rosemary...xx

    1. Hello Rosemary,
      Thank you! Yes, even though we are in a cold/chilly spell I would think it is much warmer here than Canada! We would have a lot to talk about in a visit. I love to garden and have somewhat emphasized herbs - have taught a few herb classes, grow a few and until recently tended (as a Master Gardener volunteer) a small herb garden at a local childrens museum garden.

    2. Rosemary, Just now noticed you became a follower. Thank you.

  5. I totally agree with you Mrs. Houston!! The next time we move Mom is on the payroll to "display" our "stuff"!! .... Honestly, I think it would be a great service for Mom to offer. Room Arrangements by Betty! Cha-ching!

  6. Meant to say that we like the "Mum" cup as well! ;o)

  7. Hi Betty,
    I love your farm animal cute.:)
    I think the dishware above your kitchen sink is so pretty. Does the sun come through that window? I hope so. The sun reflecting off the dishes would be so beautiful.
    How comforting God's word can be when we need it most. Isn't He good?


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