Thursday, January 5, 2012

Place, move, switch, fluff, rearrange.................

     .............I have been doing all the above in this corner for part of the last two days.  Finally, I declared it settled!

This whole corner was filled with Christmas and with a clean slate I decided to use some things that were not here before.  I wouldn't say it is my favorite assortment that has graced this corner but it will do for the winter season and then we will see what spring brings.

Almost everything is different on the big shelf. And, you will notice I have moved tall lady from the dining room into here.

The chalk figurine has been packed away for eight or more years - decided to let him have a turn as a shelf sitter. The very old blue half-gallon jar was also in the garage. It is made from a hand whittled mold.
I had a quart size too and gave it to someone long ago that admired it.

An unusual big crock, in that it has a handle - not very many do. I have never gotten tired of my collection of old wooden kitchen tools. I wish I had photographed the spigot to a wooden barrel  separately. It is what you see right in front.

Another chalk figurine that must be glad to be set free once more. Both of the figurines seem pretty old but, how can you tell with those.  The one above has a company name on it. I will google it later and see if anything comes up.

The floral picture is old but new to the kitchen.

This cream pitcher has been hanging out in the garage for the last eight years too. I took the lid off and discovered a collection that I had forgotten I had.

It was packed full of matchbooks. I remember thinking years ago that I would just get rid of them. But, how do you throw out a big pile of matchbooks!! I didn't want to be responsible for setting the garbage truck on fire so I crammed them all in the can and here they still are!

Do any of you locals remember any of these places?  Most are no longer here. Remember Victoria Station in Fern Park, Cork 'N Cleaver, The Purple Porpoise, Freddie's Steak House (wasn't that the place that Rachel's strip joint took over)  Bonanza and Ponderosa.

None of this was on the little cabinet before.  I found the bear tea pot in the garage and decided to bring her in the kitchen for awhile.  She was my container for my Christmas brunch long ago. I remember I was so pleased when I found nine of those on sale at a store that was going out of business.

It's hard to see with the angle but there is a handle in the back. I can't remember what I put in her - probably cookies or candy.

This area didn't change so much since all of this was in the kitchen before.

I put the same picture and the miniature tea set back on this shelf.

This has not been displayed lately. It is very hard to photograph. It is a chime set made with spoons. The butterfly clip is a separate piece.

The spoon bowls have been made into fish.  I can't believe I took this picture without polishing it! I cannot stand tarnished silver. It will be shining soon!

Did you notice the chickens are not showing?  Well, they are free-range chickens and were on the other side of the room.  I am sure they will be seen again.  I still have the other two walls to spruce up and will share them at another time. 

Thank you for stopping by, I really enjoy sharing with you.

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  1. What a wonderful collection. So much interest packed into a small space. Love the wooden implements.


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