Saturday, January 21, 2012

Things ~ Just Things!............

.......Showing an assortment of things I want to draw your attention to. Kind of a silly assortment, maybe. But, it shows some of the little things that goes on in my life............

First, is this bag I saw from a short distance away as I was walking through Home Goods. Have I ever told you that's my favorite store. ha.ha. Well, I was thrilled when I saw it knowing this look is a very "in" style now. I have seen the neatest pillows and other things with this look! A few steps closer and...........

.............I realized it was a .99 plastic bag! It's very large and even up close it looks like the popular grainsack fabric I've been looking for. I bought two anyhow and considered using one to make an outdoor pillow. But, decided if I were to go to all that work I would rather use fabric - not plastic.

I am going to get some complaining done early in this post. I didn't want to use this picture first as it would have been what was used in the link. I just get steamed every time I get this kind of stuff in the mail. I wonder how many seniors get these and others and get taken advantage of.  They make it look very much like a government communication. Like something you shouldn't ignore!

Do they think we are all senile!!!!  I wouldn't buy this insurance if it were the last company on earth! Just because of the way they try to take advantage of old people. And, whoever is filling my mailbox with all those hearing-aid ads - KNOCK IT OFF. When I need a hearing aid it will not be you I seek out!  As if they are all seeing this. haha.

Now this. Do you see the nice stream of water coming from this two year old faucet?  And, do you also see the water works coming from the underneath side of the faucet? Tiny pin holes in the faucet! This is partly my fault in allowing the plumber to bring a faucet to install when the old one needed to be replaced. I should have gone out and purchased one first. At the time I thought it looked like probably the cheapest available. However, the total plumbing bill didn't indicate that!! The man was the worst workman I have ever had in any house. I could hardlly wait until he left - I won't go into details here.

In the meantime, I found a new plumber who did some work in the bathrooms and I really liked him and what he did. I need to call him soon.

Just a little "scene" I have been looking at in my office for awhile now.  I love ribbon!  And  even when it is in a pile and out of place I enjoy it.

I use a lot of ribbon for lots of different things - Decor.

 And I very much like Marks & Spencer, the UK store this pretty ribbon came from. I will eventually find a way to repurpose this.

Actually, I think we may have a few in the USA too.

I use wide ribbon.........

...........and narrow ribbon.

I use a lot of ribbon on the cards I make.

Do you see the bird feather in the middle of this pile of ribbon?  Now, I am almost sure there are no birds in my house but......

This week I noticed bird feathers on the floor in front of the chest of drawers in my office.

Each time I noticed them there seemed to be more of them!  I made a few cards and had opened a drawer a few times. Yes. They were coming out of a bag that is in the drawer.

I will have to admit, all these didn't fly out of the drawer by themselves.  Just wanted to make another point.  A while back I wanted a few feathers to put on some cards I was making - one per card - so I purchased some feathers.  The thing is, you cannot purchase a few feathers you have to buy thousands - even though I didn't count them there must be thousands! Showing is just one little pinch of them. And, they don't like to stay in the bag!

Well, if I were labeling my posts like some bloggers do so they are easy to find by subject, I would have no clue how to label this one.


  1. I really like people who like ribbons:-) Good luck with the faucet.

  2. I have never seen a faucet do that! Geez! So, did you look up when you first saw the feathers LOL!


  3. Yes, it's hard to label posts on just little things but it does make for interesting conversation.:)
    Yes, I hate the mail I get that says "immediate attention" and hope to snag some unsuspecting people. And don't get me started on the phone calls!!!
    I love ribbon as well and save the pretty ones from packages and gifts. I have tons of ribbon in my stash. I hate to get caught short so I always make sure I have plenty available...same thing with thread.
    And the last one? That is funny. It is so hard to contain those loose feathers. At one time, I had some (I can't remember why though) and stored them in a Ziploc bag to keep them a certain extent.
    Oh, and I'm sorry to hear about your bad experience with the plumber. I hate it when these type of people take advantage of the unknowing. My husband calls them "scum sucking bottom feeders". In other words, really low-life people.
    I hope your Sunday is a wonderful one~

  4. Thank you for visiting my blog, and for your compliments on my journal progress. I joined to follow your blog.

    I know what you mean about poor workmanship from contractors. Ugh!

  5. That is the most amazing thing on that faucet! I didn't know that could even happen! Good thing you've found a new plumber to help.

    I second Velma on the zip lock bag idea. It's the only way I can keep my little stash of feathers in place. Now I'm off to find your journaling post you mentioned at Beverly's!

    P.S. Home Goods - How did we ever live without it?


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