Monday, January 23, 2012

It Was A Good Day For Limeade!....................

     ................It was a lovely day here. First, I did a lot of watering of plants with a hose.  I haven't had a good rain since October!  I love to water and always stand and enjoy the plants as I give them a drink.  I also washed a couple of windows on the outside.  I got too hot in my long-sleeved top and had to change to something cooler.  Being hot made me think of lemonade and decided to make some. 

I was so disappointed to discover that I didn't have any lemons.

But, I found three limes and thought limeade might be just as good!  I got out my cutting board (don't be alarmed to see that it is wood - the last I heard they had switched back to saying wooden ones are the safest) also chose a pretty pitcher and my vintage (a word used often and loosely on blogs, I've noticed) glass juicer.  That must be a record count of words used in any one sentence, even for me!  I am not going to erase it and start over. You just need to figure out what I said.

So, I got the three limes juiced. I have no idea why I didn't show all three.

Selected a pretty glass and filled it with crushed ice, added 2/3 cup of sugar to the lime juice and filled the pitcher with cold water.  It would have been better with one  more lime or a little less water.

You notice I also put one sprig of thyme and two thin lime slices in the glass. Do you grow herbs? I hope so. They are one of my favorite plant groups to grow and use. Thyme and lime go great together besides, they rhyme too. My herbs smell so good when I water, another good reason to grow them.

Doesn't it look refreshing? It was!  Always choose a pretty pitcher and a pretty glass when you are treating yourself.  And, definitely don't try to treat yourself in a plastic glass.

I have this second smaller "vintage" juicer too. This is a great dish to serve extra lemon/lime slices in. I usually cut my slices in half and kind of stand them up and overlap them around the circle.  Tuck a few mint leaves in too.  Sorry, I have already used all my limes or I would arrange some just to show you how pretty it looks. The old juicers are easy to find at antique stores.

The sun made neat shadows and showed off the pretty color of my old blue jar.

Changing the subject - I recently put this picture in the "lace" frame that I have had empty for awhile. I printed the nest picture off of The Graphics Fairy blog.  She posts them just to share and for others to print and use.  I have gotten so many nice ones from her to use in my garden journal.

I went to Old Time Pottery yesterday looking for something in particular which I didn't find but, I did find this green apple.  It is very heavy and is made from a stoneware type material.  It was cheap and I just couldn't pass it by. 

I like this combination of things here on the side table.  A new look for winter.  The lamp base behind the picture looks a little weird but not when you see the whole thing.
I have enjoyed my limeade day.  I hope yours has been great also.


  1. Not quite limeade weather around here but it does look so refreshing in your beautiful glassware. Why save it for only special occasions?
    I laugh too when I hear the word "vintage" used so much these days. I have a glass juicer like yours that I use often.
    I have a "mini" herb and lemon basil. I love the way they smell when they are watered. I many need to expand it!! :)

    1. One more thing we have in common - herbs!

  2. Love your "vintage" glass juicer. I have one just like it. A smaller one too.
    I have herbs also. Oregano, basil, & others. I must replace my sage,thyme & others that I have lost. I do enjoy the smell of them.

    1. I think herbs are just the best! It is typical to not get sage and thyme through our humid summers - they don't like the humidity.

  3. You've got me wishing for summer NOW! Love all your items.

  4. BTW, I'm envious of the apple. My kitchen is apple-themed!

    1. One of my first posts was about apples - maybe the first one. You would think I could remember for sure what my first post was, but I don't!


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