Friday, January 6, 2012

I was looking for something...................!!!

     ...............and look what happened to my room!  It was just a CD and I was hoping to find it among the CD's that were in a cubby hole on my desk.

But, it wasn't there.

This is looking from the other direction and a glimpse of the closet it all came out of.

You can see the first stack in here is pretty organized and neat. If I didn't have to stack all that other stuff in there!!! 

I am really happy to have this little room for my desk, just to the right of the closet, and for a storage space for all my paper hobbies, including rubber stamping and scrapbooking. I did not take time to neaten up anything before snapping.

So, since I'm in here taking pictures I'll just show you the other walls. This is opposite of the closet and desk. The black painted cabinet was a diaper changing station in its first life. It is very heavy and sturdy and is a fantastic place to keep my rubber stamps. You will notice that these walls are the same Sherwin Williams - khaki shade that is almost everywhere in my house.

Looking down into an open drawer. Now these are not single layer. They are in shallow boxes and are double layered.

I have been collecting and using these for many, many years.  It is one thing that I started that I have continued with on and on. Four drawers in all.

From the doorway and looking back across the stamp cabinet is this piece holding lot's of paper products and other small things used in my hobbies. This was the dresser from the first bedroom set I bought soon after graduating from high school. Can you believe I have received a "hold this date" card for my 55th class reunion!!! I may be the oldest blogger among my blogging friends!! Yes, it was in 1957 that I bought the bedroom set. The bed was discarded years ago and I am totally glad that I hung on to the other pieces.

The bottom piece here is the chest of drawers.  The pieces were originally that light grey color of 1950's furniture. When I moved them to the garage in this house they had been painted so many times and weren't even the same color. There was nothing in this room but a daybed and the desk until one day I got the bright idea to paint them black, get new hardware and move it into this room including the changing piece and this bookcase. It has worked out so well. Back to the reason for starting this subject in the first place. One reason is to say the only vow I have made to myself at the beginning of this new year is to clean and organize every spot that is behind a door or in a drawer. I thought maybe I would be more apt to stay faithful to the pledge if I told all of you. And, I'm not talking just this room - everywhere!  I have run out of storage space, need to condense if possible and have things organized better. Well, hopefully at the end of this year I will have a good report to give on this plan.
Oh, by the way, I found the CD in a folder on a shelf in the closet. And, someone might wonder what is in the little plastic boxes with pull out labeled drawers, in the above picture - handmade cards.


  1. Mark said you should keep your room tidy so you know where things are.....and did you find the webcam?!? Hahahaha

    Ps....I want that furniture some day. ;o)

  2. Hi Betty, getting organized is priority #1 for me this new year. We recently moved some furniture from one room to another and everything is not put back in order so there is much to do. I think your stamp collection looks neatly arranged in the drawers. Stamps are fun, aren't they? Good luck with your effort to get organized. I hope both of us are successful!!------Shannon

  3. A diaper changing station, what a great idea. My computer/craft room is in total chaos right now and hopefully I find the ambition to work on it this weekend.

  4. wow, you have all your cards organized! Good for you! And what a blessing to be able to go to your 55th reunion....I hope you are going!!

  5. First off, love the black furniture. Second, my ambition to organize has left me before I even started. Too much going on to live in a "work in progress". My son's school has a Mummy Wrap coming up next week as they learn about Egyptian culture and Civilizations. He is to be Ammit or "The Gobbler", a god who eats the hearts of the unpure. This god is one third crocodile, one third lion, one third hippo. Guess who'll be working on the costume for this little performance:-) Too busy to organize!


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