Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Winter has set in!................

     ..............Yes, even here in central Florida it is cold. A few of my plants got frozen last night. It has been a good day to stay inside and try to get the house looking like the winter season. But, what do you do to make it look like winter time. Even though it is cold now before the week is over it will be in the 70's and could be 80's again soon.

This little garden gnome was a stocking stuffer gift.  Doesn't he look cute here in this bowl of succulents - with his watering can.

The bowl is sitting in my grapevine basket on the porch.

This is one of the areas that I change with the seasons.  Winter is always the hardest but this is what I came up with today.  A few of these things were in the Christmas scene also.

I always have some books on these shelves. Usually lying down like this with things on top of them.

A British crown that I got one year on a visit to my hometown - Jonesborough, Tennessee.

This should look familar to you. Different birds, though.  The words on the crock say: gather ye rosebuds.

My long tailed bird.  I found him on a trip to the Atlanta area.

Candle glo looks right in place on this cold winter day.

She usually stays on one of these shelves but she hauls different things, according to the season.

Nearby is this little table. You might remember the white deers were standing here.

This big guy makes a statement!

It's amazing how much something as small as changing the color of bow does in decorating.  This had a big white bow on it for Christmas.

The hand-painted topiary screen has been stored for a long time. I am glad I got it out again. It has never been used on this table before but I kinda like it here. I had to raise the big picture a little.

I did a lot of changing around in my kitchen today. The corner looks quite different from the last pictures you saw.  I will show that to you next time.

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  1. Winter decor in Florida is a tough one but when we're 20 degrees here and you're in the 80's, I don't have sympathy:-)


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