Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Tea Treasures Thursday #2 (unlinked)

A week ago I chose (in my mind) the china that I would use for this post. When it came time to put it together everything was there except the cups! I looked high and low, through every cabinet, shelf, boxes and tubs, any where that they might be. To no avail! While I was looking I reorganized all the spaces where I looked. So, it wasn't really  wasted time! I saw a bunch of other stuff I had forgotten that I had! Today, I was about ready to give them up as gone and just cry! (not really) One more time - to the garage where I thought if I still had them in my possession, they had to be. Sure enough, there they were in their own little protective, zipped, cozy, cloth keeper!!  I don't have a complete set just four cups and saucers and a few other pieces. They are by Johnson Brothers and I don't know the pattern name.

Update. Wow, just read this after a good nights sleep and noticed several typing mistakes - glad it hadn't been looked at by many!

I like the pattern and style.

I love the colors.  Especially for this time of year.

love the spuare plate. These were made long before square plates became popular. I would really like to find some more of these.

This little tea pot is from Lenox.

I love the little design inside the cup.

I don't have room in this house to display miniature tea treasures so I put as many as would fit into this large apothecary jar.

I have enjoyed sharing these tea time treasures. I hope you have enjoyed seeing them.



  1. Those are gorgeous! Love the pattern. I also love the way you displayed the mini ones.

  2. Your dishes and cups are delightful. The colors you used with them are such pretty fall colors. I don't know how you were able to get all the mini cups and saucers in the jar, but they look very nice. That was a very creative idea! ------

  3. Hi Betty...thanks for visiting...I adore your miniatures in the apothecary jar...that is a brillant idea!


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