Saturday, December 31, 2011

It won't be long now............

     ............It is almost time for 2011 to step off of the stage and let 2012 make its entrance! Time for a new, fresh start.  A new beginning that I expect is headed somewhere special! 

We are watching the time tonight, many are making resolutions for goals to be realized in 2012.  I have never been much for grandiose resolves, not even much for simple resolutions. I learned long ago that it just sets me up for failure. I do have high expectations, however and expect good things with a new start.

In my Joyful Journey of Faith journal one page has a collage of many pictures that represent me - my life. One of those is a clock face with no hands. I try to do things in a timely fashion, especially when others are depending on me but I am not greatly concerned with time. I have enjoyed life in a relaxed manner, at peace with myself, God and others.

Tonight however, is a special night and I have my party shoes on!!!

My decanter is out and I am ready to celebrate the opportunities of a new year.

Yes, the time is drawing near to the beginning of 2012 when we can expect to live fully and courageously.  This life can be filled with sorrows and pain, this is a part of humanity and no one is immune. But, I choose to put any fears aside, embrace life as fully as possible and have hopeful expectations for the months ahead.

Back to party time and celebrating!  What does my decanter contain?

FAITH!  Faith in God, faith in the future with Him.

Faith supplies a lot of strength, come what may!

Faith to enter 2012 with hope and joy!

And, where are these shoes headed tonight?  They will be parked in a handy place to slip on when an occasion arises but tonight.............

This is my kind of New Year's Eve set-up!!

I will stay inside revelling in some good things of life while the air outside is filled with boisterous booms of my neighbors celebrations.

Wishing each one of you a great 2012!


  1. Happy 2012 my dear friend and LOVE THOSE SHOES!!!!!!

  2. That was my kind of night too! Cute shoes by the way!!


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