Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Delicate Color of Spring.........

.........I could choose from several things to show delicate colors of spring in this the first week of Spring. But for this post I am staying inside and showing how I changed my hot drink station a bit, using a lighter, spring look........

Actually, it is just an excuse to show you these marshmallow twists that I found in the Dollar Tree.

I have never seen these before, have you? Pure sweetness. They come individually wrapped  inside a sealed bag.

                                                               Hot chocolate, anyone?

I added the little acorn shape bottle. I found it and the green dish it is sitting on at Goodwill.  It sports a sprig of bridal wreath spirea.  And, let me just take time to show you the bush that came from....

It has bloomed pretty good but doesn't look quite as graceful and full as some other years.  That is probably because I didn't cut it way back after it bloomed last year as I should have done.

O.K., back to the subject. 

I think I have already shown this in another post - the little gift from my friend.

In this one the flower is a white rose.  I will refrain from showing you the bush it came from.  That might be in my next garden post.

I really do think the best blog posts are thematically united but......

I'm breaking from that, as I often do, to show something totally unrelated to what has gone before. Maybe I can stand on this quote, "In non-conformity lies the seed of greatness." I have been looking for some new drinking glasses for everyday use.  Not that I don't have plenty of glasses but I had ended up with ones that are too large. I don't know about you but I have definite preferences for what I use to drink from day after day.  They need to be the right size, the right weight, not too heavy, and they need to fit my hand comfortably.  When I saw these at TJ Max for $1 each I said, SOLD!  They pass in all the above and I like the window pane design a lot.

Once more I want to say thank you to those of you who visit me here time after time.  Blogging would be meaningless without you!


  1. $1 and TJMaxx - what a steal!!!! I saw you pinned the acorn cookie I had on Pinterest - isn't it a hoot? Betty, I couldn't agree with you more regarding your last comment - so true it is, so true it is!

  2. Betty, I have seen those pretty marshmallow twists but have never brought any home. After seeing how cute they look in your hot chocolate, I might have to get some. Your bridal wreath spirea looks so springy! I like white flowers very much. Hope you have a great weekend! Take care!-------- Shannon

  3. Wow, I wondered what those sticks were, and I was so surprised that they are marshallow sticks. I MUST get out more!!

  4. Hi Betty! Thanks for leaving a comment on my LEGO cupcakes ~ yes, definitely, pin away! :) I'm always excited to see something of mine pop up on pinterest!

    i love your hot drink station - i recently put up a coffee/hot drink bar in our home and i have a jar full of marshmallows too. :) have a great weekend!

  5. What adorable finds...you go girl!! I think the idea of threading a ribbon through the holes of the silverware drain is so cute.
    I find it so humbling when I get comments and followers on my blog...yes, blogging would be meaningless without friends like you ;)


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