Friday, March 23, 2012

I Think We Have Four.......

..........Four baby wrens in the window box nest.  Early in the week I could see movement in the nest when the adult bird was not in there.  Today I opened the window and got a few pictures of the new birds.

Can you see them? They are in there!

I have seen the dad(?) bring wiggling worms to the nest several times today.

                                          Oh, yes. Hungry babies with their beaks wide open.  

Sorry, baby wrens, I am not the one bringing you worms.

To be continued later............



  1. My wrens aren't here yet. These pictures are so cute. Thanks for sharing.

  2. That is so sweet! Oh to have something like that to show small children and/or grandchildren. Wouldn't that be so much fun?

  3. Enjoyed the babies. Thanks. Ggs's like to see things like this.


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