Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Three Things to Share........

......Three things and none of them from the garden as I promised in my last post.  I need to quit saying what will be coming next because I am not reliable with following through.  I get excited over little things and one of them this week is what I found at Big Lots when I went looking for a garden wagon they are having a great sale on.  More on that later..........

They had just a few of these big letters which are very popular in decorating now. I started looking for an S, the first letter of my last name.  They had none of those but I found this B.  B is for Betty my first name or B is for bird which I have many of and love! For Carrie - no C or E.

The best part?  It was only $2.

The next thing is this hanging ribbon and cups item - all things I already had.  It is hanging on a cabinet side at my kitchen window. Love, love, love!

I put a white cup hook into the cabinet side and used three different ribbons, one black check, one black stripe and one solid green.

I found this tiny nest on the ground one day and saved it with my nest collection - another post to come.  Now that I see this picture on here I will go and remove the one stray, white piece that looks like it doesn't belong.

The little egg is plastic.

And last, this glass piece which I assembled.  I saved this lamp globe (from years ago) after the cord shorted out and flamed up - a scary few minutes!  I have intended to have the cord replaced but never did and now I never will.

When I saw it sitting upside down in the garage a light went off in my head!  I knew exactly what I wanted to do with it.  I opened a kitchen cabinet door and chose two pieces of glassware to make a top which also covered the opening which originally sat in the lamp base. The little sherbet dish (I have only this one) fit perfectly. And, the tiny bowl finished it off.  I used E600 glue which holds well and doesn't show at all.

It is presently sitting loose on this small pedestal with my spooner inside.  It can look better with just the right thing inside.  When I figure out what that is I will show you. It looks a bit top heavy and something dark, slender and tall inside would be better - ummmmm, a big chocolate bunny???


  1. Oooooo I know what store I'll be going to on the hunt for an "E". Anyone local reading this that might pop in grab me an "E" if you see it. Letters are HOT right now! (Thanks for looking Mom)

    1. I went to the Casselberry store. You could check the Lake Mary one.

    2. I loved the tea cups with bird's nest how clever...The B was adorable Silverware under glass who would have thought. DH


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