Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Green, Green and More Green.......

..........You were probably expecting St. Patrick's Day green.  Sorry, I have no connection or particular fondness for that holiday.  It is one of the few holidays that I have no decorations for.  I do have a lot of green in my yard, however, so I have to share what I have.

The last two Saturday mornings I have gone to the Winter Park Farmers Market. The first time taking my visiting friend and last Saturday because I wanted to pick up some little gift plants for five friends who I will see at our annual Spring Fling this week - more on those plants later.

This farmers market has good plants at great prices.  It is getting near the end of the season here for this hollyhock but I will get enough pleasure from it to have paid the low price.

This is another one I purchased - a calla lily.

There is just something delicate about a calla lily blossom, I think.

The squirrels were wanting to play again yesterday.

A butterfly ornament given to me by my friend Jean.  This Florida anise also came from Jean and.....

..........her husband made this interesting dragonfly.

The purple shield has a few small purple blooms - didn't know it bloomed!

Ahh.......Perle d'or with its petals turned back.

And, the sweetest little buds!

I worked in this area yesterday trying to take control of the yarrow. It was getting out of hand - spreading everywhere. And that reminds me, I need to get off of here and head back out for some more pleasure in the garden! The rest of the garden pictures will need to be part two.

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