Wednesday, March 14, 2012

The Ushering In Of Spring.......

.........Spring is almost here and as I have worked outside this week I have been amazed how things have awakened and come alive.  We don't usually notice a sudden change here in zone 9.  It must have been the two good rains we got after going months with nearly no rain.

So I decided it is time for the inside to come alive to spring, also.  Nothing speaks spring to me more than birds. Their serenading seems to step up a notch at this time of year. While my inside birds don't serenade with sound, they sure do put a song in my heart.

I brought out a few more birds to place on these shelves for spring and summer and made a few other subtle changes.

This fellow has found a sprig of greenery - must have some nest building to do.

This one seems to be perfectly content to just sit on this ball and advertise my garden.

The branches here have gone from bare to alive with greenery.

I will have to show all my bird nests sometime. I have quite a few real ones on the back porch and a few decorated ones like this favorite inside.

And this one.

This little chair is another spot that I use to pay tribute to the changing seasons.

You might have noticed this moss covered basket on a white shelf.  It is empty but has enough character to stand alone.

I have many garden books and I always keep several on display - books are great for decorating and can help portray the seasons.

I haven't seen any bunny rabbits yet but am finding colored eggs around the house. 

This little lady is aways pulling something in her basket.  I think her favorite load might be these eggs.

O.K., you got just a glimpse of spring here in my house. I think of all the seasons, spring is the one with a quiet appeal and a simple elegance but is at the same time invigorating. Have you come alive to spring yet?


  1. Do you have more nests with eggs or just more decorative live nests?

  2. I too love birds in the house for spring...and the 3 little birds climbing up the books are so cute...great vignette!

  3. You are definitely ready for spring! I especially love all the birds and your nests. It is so warm here that you can't help but get in the mood. Hope you have a wonderful weekend...Ann

  4. I love your Spring vignettes. I just finished (well, maybe) decorating for Spring and need to post my pictures this week. You're right, Spring does have a quiet appeal....aaahh, bringing life to all that has slumbered during the winter.


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