Monday, March 19, 2012

From Simple Things Come Simple Joys or Something Small Becomes Large.........

........On the return home from one of my recent trips to the Winter Park Farmers Market I stopped in at Tuesday Mornings and noticed this little door knob pillow.  I really liked the spring looking graphic and also liked the $3.00 price.  Before I left the store I had decided this pillow will become something bigger........

I have many small things in my small house already so I wanted a larger pillow.

I had already embroidered this phrase on osnaburgh fabric, knowing I wanted it on a pillow some day.  But laying it beside the new graphic piece (which I had separated from the little pillow) I knew it just didn't balance up.

So, I reconfigured it to look like this - much better. Then I started thinking I needed to look for a small green print fabric to frame it in.   It occurred to me that I already have just the fabric that will be perfect!

Earlier in the year I had found this little green check at Goodwill.  It happened to be in the form of a bassinet sheet - like I needed one of those!!!  But, it was the softest fabric, a great shade of green and could surely be made into something different. Plus, I have always liked this tiny size checked fabric, not to mention the price was right!

So, I took it apart and cut the border pieces and sewed them around the brown fabric.  It was still lacking so I added the feather stitch embroidery and liked the way it looked but it threw the whole thing off balance again.  Adding the rectangular buttons across the top evened it up and added more interest. I love finding ways to use buttons, especially ones I already have.


Now, if this pillow looks a little flat that's because I haven't stuffed it yet.  I guess I got into a hurry to make pictures.

I will finish with showing you two gifts that I have been blessed with recently.  My visiting niece, June and her husband bought this dispenser for me when we visited "When Pigs Fly" in Mount Dora Saturday. It is a small bottle replica of an old jar.

Here is how it looks in place on my kitchen sink. I didn't have enough detergent to fill it but right here is where it will be as my dish washing helper. I love it.

Yesterday, my friend Cindy Brooks surprised me with this sweet little bird feeder.  Isn't it just the cutest you have ever seen.  She said she was shopping, saw this and thought of my garden.  What a generous friend to find this little treasure and give it away!

It is already hanging on a hook I took something else off of.  It is visible just outside my dining room window, the one with the bird nest in the window box.  I have the most thoughtful and giving family and friends!



  1. I love your creativity with the pillow, and that you kept going with it, kept going with it, until you felt it was just right! You are blessed with beautiful family and friends that know you so well. Have a great day!

  2. Hi Betty! What a nice job you did on your pillow! I love the little rectangle buttons, but there are so many nice details. That bird feeder is a sweet gift. I haven't spent enough time peeking at birdies yet. Looks like you'll have a front row seat!

  3. Oh, I so love your refurbished pillow...much, much better! Goodness, Betty! You have the sweetest and most generous friends. I'm coveting your little bird feeder. :)


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