Friday, March 30, 2012

A Great Week For Being In The Garden......

The weather has been just about perfect except we could sure use some more rain. I have been doing a lot of hand watering.  I love standing with a hose and refreshing everything.  I have lots of things blooming now.  All my rose bushes have at least a few blooms.  I have shown them several times and won't show many this time.

I have been enjoying this big Louis Philipe rose. This picture was made through the back porch screen.

Close up of Louis Philipe. And just to the right of this big bush is this one.....

....Mutabalis.  I love this single petal rose, sometimes called the butterfly rose because the blossoms turn darker and it can have about three shades of blooms at one time giving the impression that a bunch of butterflies have lit on it.

 I keep thinking of all my company that has come and gone and I wish they could all see my yard now.  I know they will think I am just saying this but it really does look a good bit better than when they were here.  This is duranta.

It is also called golden dew drop because of these seeds. It has both nice purple blooms and these seeds at the same time.

This Ducher rose just blooms and blooms.

Because you could see this in the background of the last picture, I am showing a close up.  I plan to do a post with all my Easter decorations a little later.

One of my best shots of  a Ducher bloom up close.

This is another little plant that just blooms constantly - Euphorbia. I love how delicate the small white blooms are.

  Is that some big ears I see in the blue-eye grass!!! 

It sure is and doesn't he look quite proud of himself.

It's hard to photograph but this grass has lots of little blue flowers (iris) on it.

As I finished photographing the rabbit another critter fluttered by - this Monarch butterfly.  I am happy to start seeing these. They have been a little scarce but hopefully are making a come back.

And, would you look at this!!!  Is he one of the critters that has been chewing perfectly round holes in a lot of leaves. I guess he is trying to get some calcium and perhaps a little protein from this egg.

Someone has left seven eggs in this pot of grass.

This morning I noticed all the walking Iris had developed buds. They all bloom at once in one day. I went on around the house taking pictures and watered a little with a hose and when I came back around, maybe thirty minutes later this is what I saw!

Isn't it just amazing how nature is so wonderfully designed!!! Every one of them had fully opened.

They're not the prettiest iris and the blooms don't last long but they sure are organized.

Well, I have many more pictures but I am going to put those in part two of our yard tour.  I hope you are enjoying some outside time and are noticing the many marvelous wonders of Gods creation!



  1. Hi Betty..
    What beautiful gardens you have.
    I'm so green with envy :)

    We are a long way from getting blossoms here in our high mountain valley.

    Spring is on the way though, and soon we will be getting blossoms and begin our planting .

    Last year.. I bought some euphorbia, although I'm not certain that it survived our harsh winter. It certainly was beautiful.

    Looking forward to following you and reading your posts.

    I can tell... we both love gardening, and I'm looking forward to reading more about your gardens :)

    Have a great weekend!!

    1. Yes, I am so glad to connect with you Kerin. We do have common interest and I look forward to knowing you more.


  2. I am hoping that when I get to the MH roses will be in bloom...wonderful time of year!

    1. Oh, I hope you found blooming roses today! I look forward to seeing more and more of the MH!



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