Thursday, September 20, 2012

A desk full of Autumn......

........I have this white bookcase desk in my living room and at the moment it only has two books in it. I use the shelves for seasonal looks and right now it is all about autumn.

 Autumn is an eight pointer.

Here is the desk. As hard as I tried I never was able to get a clear picture. 

On top of the desk you will notice the bird has found a sprig of autumn.

I will show you some closer-ups, shelf by shelf. Starting on the top and working left to right.
This large metal acorn is a votive holder.

 The "bowl" with pears and the single larger pear are metal and they have votive holders on the back. They have small holes through them but do not work well with candles - can hardly see that they are burning. 

Middle shelf and on the left. The old looking crock is a favorite of mine and I sometimes use it year round. I think the words, "gather ye" fit in well with fall. You will have noticed it in the picture from last year on the right at the beginning of this post.

Funny how you mostly see crows and scarecrows used in the fall in decor. Actually, spring would be a more natural time. Gardeners use to stand a scarecrow up near the corn rows guessed it, scare the crows away so they wouldn't eat the seed corn that they just sowed.
I got this pair in Bristol Tennessee a few years back and I have loved having them. They remind me of a fun shopping day with two nieces and my sister. The very large card is one I made and have kept for decorative purposes.

This painted wooden box is a favorite piece of mine. It is handy to store most of these small pieces when it is time to store them away.
I guess you can tell this is one of my favorite spots on the desk.

The iron candle holder could be a year round piece but I use it here in the fall and until Spring.

Now we are on the bottom left. You will notice these pictures were taken at different times and I have been tweaking the shelves and things have been moved around a bit. The crock is now actually on the the shelf above as you saw it there.  But, this is the only picture I had that shows the very large acorn, which is still right here.

This tree of life has a fall look. It came from the same store as the crows.
A few of you might remember I made a lot of leaves and a pumpkin last year using pages from a book.

And here is the pumpkin. I rolled kraft paper and made twigs for the leaves.

You are seeing the top of the pumpkin with its lichen covered stem. Doesn't it look like the bittersweet branch is in front of the book. It is just a part of the picture.
So, that concludes the tour of the desk full of autumn.  I will show the rest of my decorations in this room soon.
"Autumn is the years last, and loveliest smile." 



  1. I just love it. Love the little squirrel siting on the pine cone.

  2. You are my favorite fall display out there in blog land...beautiful job!

  3. What a gorgeous fall display...I am hoping and dreaming that fall comes to Orlando SOON!


  4. Your desk with the autumn display is lovely!! Would be hard to pick a favorite, but I especially like the pumpkin you made from book pages. Happy Fall!

  5. What a lovely display!! I am coveting your wooden, oh my!! I haven't even started decorating for fall. We are still experiencing hotter than normal temps...mid 90s, so I'm just not feeling it yet. And it's my favorite time of the year!! :(


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