Monday, September 17, 2012

My Outside Autumn.......

This post is a lot of pictures and not very many words. Everything pretty much speaks for itself.




I showed this burlap wreath not long ago, but I have added fall leaves. I don't know why some of these pictures have an unnatural green cast to them.

This is on the small front porch wall. It always changes looks with the seasons.




The bench is right under the window box.

Now, to show a few plants, not particularly fall looking but these pictures were made this morning.



                    Clair Matin rose is not usually a pretty bush but I love the sprays of blooms it gives! These are all on one stem (cane).

                           I couldn't decide which picture I liked best so I am showing all three.

The red underneath is salvia.
We will be back inside next time with more Autumn.


  1. I like the big pictures..You can see the details much better...DH

  2. pictures are fine, thanks for sharing your world, I don't know how to do a blog, but would love to share my world with you now that I am retired.

  3. Anonymous,
    Doing a blog is probably easier than you think. Get someone to set it up for you and go with it! Send access to me here if you ever do.
    Thank you for looking at mine.



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