Sunday, September 30, 2012


.........What is your favorite joy of the autumn season? Is it the warm tones of fall colors - bold and bright? The crisp days which bring thoughts of a cup of hot tea? Feeling cozy in a favorite soft sweater? The start of the pumpkin parade? Or is it when just a wisp of smoke is riding on the breeze?  When the shade becomes just a bit darker? Whatever the season means to you it is time to seek out a little spot that is woven in the tapestry of autumn hues - time to pause to take in and enjoy all that autumn brings and be thankful to God for it...........

Welcome September ~ Pumpkins ~ Wreaths ~ Shorter Days
Candy Corn ~ Apples ~ Maple Syrup ~ Harvest Time

Burlap ~ Cider ~ Corn Shocks ~ Hay Bales

Bittersweet ~ Thankfulness ~ Crisp Air ~ Crunchy Leaves
Sweaters ~ Campfires ~ Hot Chocolate ~ Football
Fall Festivals ~ Corn Mazes ~ Hay Rides ~ Indian Corn

Turkey ~ Pies ~ Acorns ~ Candles

Frost Etchings ~ Scarecrows ~ Mums ~ Pears

Crows ~ Raffia ~ Blankets ~ Gourds

Apple Butter ~ Family ~ Falling Leaves ~ Cinnamon

Migrating geese ~ Leaf Rakes ~ Bare Trees ~ Summer Waves Goodbye*
What have I missed? Add any good thing you think of that says Autumn to you.


  1. I love pumpkins...They say it is fall....I like pumpkin bread, pumpkin pie, pumpkin muffins just about anything made out of pumpkin.I love to see a porch decorated with different size pumpkins.. I like the Halloween pumpkins. People can be creative with pumpkins.Pumpkins say fall...DH

  2. Crackling fires. I love the smell of wood smoke in the air (and in my fireplace). Makes me just want to cozy up in a blanket, enjoy the heat from the flames and become mesmerized with the sounds and colors of the wood burning.

  3. I love this time to the year. Its the baking and Family coming around more. I love the smell of the leaves and the crisp cool air in the mornings.

  4. Oh, I wish the weather would cool off here in Orlando, it is still hot, I am so waiting for a crisp morning! I love using a ton of quilts to sleep! Oh I have to tell you I love that gold goblet.


  5. Deep blue skies and scenic drives!


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