Wednesday, September 5, 2012

A vision of Peace..............

..........This summer has not been one of my best for a few reasons, one reason being  two extensive oral surgeries (doing much better now) another is becoming  "caught up in" the state of our nation and feeling like we are about to be taken on over the cliff, depending on the outcome of the election. There is another but these two will make my point. I had allowed myself to become troubled. Then, this morning, I was thinking that there is no excuse, really, for a Christian to lose sleep or fret about such things! A fact that is easier to believe than to always put into practice. But, the focus needs to be reset sometimes.

I really enjoyed catching up with some yard work this morning, pulling lots of weeds, bleaching my front walk which had turned dark with mold. Same thing with the fountain. I had been looking out onto the fountain figurine which had become black. A bothersome scene.  I also realized too much of my thinking lately has become dark. After doing the work, I decided to play awhile and set up for a photo shoot - outside.  I came up with the idea to use my rake, some fall leaves, a book, etc.

I selected my 1902 copy of American Poems. Thinking a fall magazine would add a good visual I went back in the house and picked up an old Victoria magazine. I have most of what they printed up to the year that they stopped printing them. And, I have several of the newer ones since they started again. I pull out the appropriate month for every year and look at them over and over. This one was already out and the first one I saw.

 I let the book pages fall open and flipped a few pages and noticed the title, A vision of Peace. How appropriate is that! Coincides with my thoughts of the morning - focusing on peace, peacefulness!

I knew this September, 1996 Victoria had the right visual for what I was doing and then outside I noticed the article, "Finding the Quiet Center of Your Life" listed on the front. Again, the same theme as my desires.

Now, the poem or magazine article are not an exact correlation to my situation but, the yearning for peace and tranquility is! 

You need to read on to the second page to realize this writer is remorseful about loosing young men  in the civil war. "My eyes cloud up for rain; my mouth will take to twitchin' roun' the corners; I pity mothers, tu, down South, For all they sot among the scorners....Come, Peace! not like a mourner bowed for honor lost an' dear ones wasted, But proud, to meet a people proud, with eyes thet tell o'triumph tasted!...............
I am not prone to depression and for the most part am totally aware of "the peace that passes understanding".  As a Christian my joy does not depend on my circumstances - it's always there, inside. But, when we occasionally become unhappy, we need to reset our thinking and focus! Move on trusting in the Lord to supply what is needed.


Now, as promised in my last post, I can let you know what I found inside the pineapple that we have been watching grow for months.

After finding it on the ground and leaving it in the kitchen for three days it turned yellow.

I will have to say, I was pleasantly surprised to cut into it and find it juicy, fragrant and quite tasty! How I wish I could give each of you at least a smell!


Now, the question is do I try to baby the plant that is left not looking particularly good or do I just call it a very fun project that ended well and put a new life in the pot!


  1. It would be kind of cool to have a 3rd generation pineapple! Ihope things turn around for you fast. Not fun to feel down.

  2. Wow! I can't believe you actually grew an edible pineapple. I love your bookmark, by the way. Betty, I'm with you on this one. I fear what is happening to our beloved country. Our voices are getting softer and softer, and not for lack of yelling. But, what will be will be.


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