Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Autumn in the Living room #2

...........As promised, here is the rest of my fall decorations in the living room.  Actually, the first pictures are from the foyer which is almost like being in the living room. I am not very proud of some of these pictures but, they are the best I can do in my dark room.

On the little table in the foyer.

This is the mentioned table and picture above it.  I know, according to Southern Living, fake flowers are one of the top ten faux pas of decorating.  But I still hang on to a few. These are here most of the year except Christmastime. They look good with my fall things and and what does Southern Living know, right?


A shot at night with the candle lit.

If you have been following you have already seen this but I have new people join in all the time and some of them haven't seen it.
Now we are a few steps away along another wall and ARE in the living room.

I bought the burlap strapping by the yard at Walmart and cut it to fit these pillar candles, overlapped the ends about  half an inch and used some good tacky glue to secure the ends. I put a rubber band around them to hold them until the glue dried. It was very easy, took only a few minutes and I like the look.  The little acorns are flat on the back and came from Hobby Lobby. Use the same thick tacky glue to glue them in place.

I love birds and use the little figurines year round. You can get a glimpse of the silver buttons I glued to the other candle which I turned to the back because I didn't like them with this look. They might look better at Christmastime.

The nighttime lit look. Now, you would not want these burning for very long or unattended because it is quite possible the burlap strapping could go up in flames!

Lamp base and a ceramic acorn.
I wanted you to notice the crocheted doily. I got this not long ago at an antique shop. I liked it because of the big turkey worked into the design. It looks more like a turkey when you can see his tail feathers. Now, I bet I would get one big red check mark from Southern Living for using a crocheted doily on a tabletop like this!!! I don't, usually but like it here for now. Again, what do they know. ha.ha.

A stand alone bouquet of more fake flowers and other things.

Moving to my new end table beside the sofa.

I've had the large acorn for a long time and really like it. The candle and the leaf dish were gifts from one of the September Girls another year. I went to our annual September Girls Birthday Brunch this week and it was great fun.  I am waiting on some pictures and will show you when I get them.
Pears are another thing that I like to use in decorating.

Wonder what Southern Living would say about fake pears!

This dish, looking down on it, looks flat in the picture but it is a bowl and is prettier than it shows here. The colors are darker, for one thing.

The same goes for this one - didn't look right taken from the side but, it is what it is, as the saying goes.

This little leaf pillow completes the living room pictures, along with the white desk that I showed in the last post. We will see the dining area in a post soon. If you would like to see some of last years fall decorations go here
As always I appreciate you taking the time to stop by.

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  1. Oh, Betty..
    thank goodness that you do not give a hoot about Southern Livings "decorating rules!"
    I love all your decor... including the faux flowers!!
    I have a few faux flowers, and vines around our cottage... and I'm not getting rid of them **grin*!!

    You have made your home so charming, and inviting, and completely Fall-ish :)

    warm wishes..


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