Friday, September 14, 2012


A new store has come to town. To the town of Casselberry, Florida. GENERATIONS HOME FURNISHINGS. 345 Semoran Boulevard. I was headed into Sams a few weeks back and noticed this new store and decided to check it out first. I am so glad I did. I met two of the keepers of the store. One was Faith Bolton and the other was Keeper.

Faith is a pleasant, friendly worker in the store and Keeper is this beautiful, smart and very trained rabbit!  I was impressed with the store - they sell mostly wooden furniture. Very well-made, sturdy pieces. You can choose unfinished or your choice of painted or stained.  I have my eye on a small kitchen island. 
But, what captured my heart is Keeper, this little girl.

I have been there two times now, went back with my camera and got permission to photograph Keeper. She is very tall when she stands on her hind legs! I wish I had gotten a full shot. She follows Faiths directions and while standing on her back legs, turns in a circle in which ever direction Faith tells her - first one way and then the next! 

She is potty trained!! Well, I think she probably is litter box trained. She seems to have full run of the store. Keeper is a friendly greeter.

She is a health food rabbit - loves lettuce.
I have always loved rabbits. My daughter and family were growing rabbits several years back and one of the first trips I made to Indiana to visit them I ended up bringing back two of their rabbits for my very own. I really wish I had a picture of them to use here.

Just me, Thumper and Lopper, in my car all the way from Indiana to Florida.  I won't go into the details here but take it from me, you don't want to make that kind of trip! I really made a mistake with Thumper and Lopper early on when I kept them in a rabbit pen and didn't get them out to pet them and let them roam. So, they weren't the the pets they could have been but I did enjoy having them. I am so very glad I met Keeper and hope to get to see her again. I encourage you locals to stop in and check out the furniture and accessories that GENERATIONS offers. You just might get to meet Keeper too.
Thank you Faith for taking time to introduce me to Keeper and for allowing me to take the pictures.



  1. Oh keeper is adorable!!! I would go there just to see a rabbit do tricks, I will stop in when I get up there!


  2. She sure is pretty. Sadly my fur baby went over. She was white with Pink/blue eyes. Drs around here don't like the white ones. Don't know why unless they are more prone to get different things.

  3. I'd like to meet Keeper! Nice pictures and interesting post.


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