Monday, September 10, 2012

Autumn Enchantments............

...........We are in the last wistful days of summer when the breeze begins to whisper of fall. I am beginning to hear about cooler days and chilly nights. Even here, we have been down a few degrees and it is inspiring thoughts of feeling cozy in autumn clothes..........

My house already has its cozy fall clothing. I want to share the kitchen this time.  I keep  a mix of things in the kitchen, meaning I don't pack a lot away as I do in other parts of the house. I do rearrange small things and add a few others. Here the green cake plate with a fall wreath and the purple leaf-shape bowl came out of storage.


I always begin to think more about hot drinks about this time of year, especially hot tea and hot chocolate.

This little vignette to the left of my stove is a new look. I scooted everything closer to take the picture. I don't usually put candles in this pitcher but thought the light might show off its pretty color more.
Then, I finally got this shot that does do it justice.

I assembled this pumpkin (of sorts) using a ball of crochet thread. I saw something similar on Pinterest. If you need some little something more, this is a very easy and inexpensive thing to do.

I have enjoyed using a set of these acorn napkins for several years on Thanksgiving day. They came from Kohl's,
This Christmas card holder hangs on the cabinet end year round. The subtle pine cone design is not noticed much and I change what it contains seasonally.

A colorful autumn towel hanging on a pear hook which is on the door leading into the garage. I have a penchant for pears and use some year round but they work especially well in the fall.

One of my favorite spots in the kitchen is this butcher block top.  My Lenox sugar/cream pitcher have been out since I brought them home from Tennessee this summer but, I was thinking of fall when I bought them! The little pumpkin shapes are perfect.

More pears!

Looking down into an old crockery bowl which sits on top of a metal shelf stand.
The stand is right beside the butcher block. Funny how I can see that things are crooked after a picture is taken! In your minds eye you can move the green cloth just a bit and push the shelf unit to the left a tad.

I store onions and potatoes in the baskets. This "harvest" look fits in well in the fall.

Looking upwards again to the top of my silverware cabinet ( three out of five drawers contain silverware) the other two - tea. I like my little Lancaster, Pa. light here for fall.

I sure wish I could have some more room and cabinets in my kitchen but I don't mind a bit having all these mis-matched pieces.


I like this piece filled up with miniature pumpkins.

And, a few leaves.
And even the chickens on top of the refrigerator are feeling fall.
The hanging chair gets changed out for the seasons. This is the September Willow angel.

Is autumn settling into your house?


  1. I wish you could come to my house and make it look fall. The trouble is I don't have the eye for buying neat stuff. I absolutly loved the Lennox sugar ans creamer set..DH

  2. I just love all your collections!! Putting a votive in a glass pitcher is very clever. I'm not ready for fall, yet. I keep telling myself I have time, I have time...


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