Monday, December 5, 2011

The card bucket is no longer empty!..................

Been waiting for the first card to arrive. It is not from any of the three that usually sends their cards first.

It is this pretty vintage looking hand crafted card from my niece, Sandy.  I always look forward to her hand made cards and usually "borrow" her design to make some like it. The other piece of mail is a Christmas greeting from my financial planner and includes the legend of the candy cane.

I'm going to show a few more vignettes from my sitting room.  I purchased these light weight balls from a very late after Christmas sale at JoAnns last year. They were practically giving them away.

This prancing reindeer is positioned on a stack of books and looks like he is raring to go!

This little scene is on the other end table.

My collection of hand made country style ornaments in my big wooden dough bowl. I haven't used them on a tree for several years. But, I still like having them out to be seen - a lot of memories here of years gone by. Most of these were made by me or my sister.

I may still add some real greenery on these shelves if I can find that big tree again where I got some last year.

This bird has been gathering berries for the Christmas nest.

I saw this throw advertised in one of my magazines and liked it there then one of my blog friends pictured it in her home and I loved it even more. I think I need to start taking notes of what I love on someone elses blog - I can't remember whose blog it was or I would mention her blog name.  She had just purchased it at Walmart. I decided to check it out at my Walmart and it became a present for myself.  It is a Better Homes and Gardens product.

It will not be put away after Christmas but, stay out during our cool weather.  The colors are perfect for my room.

I like it's paisley print.

Time is really ticking by and drawing close to my special annual "Gifts from the Kitchen Brunch".  It is just four days away - this Saturday morning.

I am thinking I will never get everything done that needs to be done before then!

It is making me tired just thinking about it!  May not post any more until after Saturday. I hope to have some pictures of the brunch to share with you.  It's been a special time for mostly the same women for about twenty years. We started with ten of us and I had to replace a couple who moved. There will be only eight of us this year.
I hope your holiday season is going great with lots of fun sharing with family and friends.


  1. I think putting those country ornies in a bowl is the greatest idea. I have other ornaments from years past that just sit in their box...I might do this NEXT YEAR!!

  2. Such lovely decorating you've been doing, Betty! I think the handmade ornaments are wonderful to keep along with their treasured memories. What a comfortable and elegant home you have.
    Thanks so much for your recent visit to my blog. Yes, that crown I have on my mantel was originally brown & I painted it white. We must have the same one!
    - Susan

  3. Oh my gosh, Betty, your creations are gorgeous and I adore the colors of your home--so exquisite!!!

  4. And I love your header--it's breathtaking!!!

  5. What a Beautiful home. I LOVE that green wall. Such a beautiful shade of green.


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