Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Sweet Little Christmas Things.......

     .......Small, simple and inexpensive things can add greatly to Christmas or everyday decor.

I covered three sizes of styrofoam shapes with nubby yarn to make these three trees. The old suitcase they are standing in is on the dresser in my little guest room.

I don't like just any old suitcase to use for decorating but this one is  a great one. Lined with checked cloth and the outside looks like some type of leather. I lucked on to it when I had a booth in an antique mall and another dealer had this piece for an unbelievable price.

I think I got the old gown hanging across the back from the same booth.

When you live near Disney World you need just a little bit of Mickey at Christmastime.  This is hanging on a linen closet door in the hallway.

A few steps forward and you are in my tiny black and white bathroom.  The shiny red wire tree and a little greenery from the cypress tree is just what the tank top needed.

The silver tub which sits in a little cubby hole all dressed up for Christmas.

A close-up of the mercury glass bird.

You've seen a picture of the chandelier which hangs over the cabinet that the tub sits on.

But, you haven't seen what I hung on it for a touch of red in this corner.

I just loved the one like this that I saw on-line. 

A gift from a friend is this sweet little glass candle burner with a glass tree inside.

Another new thing I assembled this week is this candle burner made from a pickle relish jar. I already had the perfect lace and ribbon. Just love it!

I happened to remember to photograph my tiny santas in the printer's tray.  The big one on top is a very old one that has been in the family a long time.

Two wooden Rudolphs and a little tree and a little dust of the shelf!




  1. I loved all your pretty Christmas decorations-- Such cute ideas!

    Merry Christmas!

  2. Love all your decorations! The glass ball with the white buttons is adorable!


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