Thursday, December 8, 2011

Christmasey Tea Treasures Thursday

     In the midst of my preparations for my Gifts From the Kitchen Christmas brunch which will be Saturday morning I had time to pause and set up a little red tea scene.

I have been searching for this red cup and a few other Christmas dishes and had about given up on finding them for this year but, today I finally found them in a drawer in the garage. I only have two of these depression glass cups and saucers. At one point in time I had hoped to find several to use together but never got beyond two sets and then have lost interest in the search.

Several weeks back I was looking through a local antique shop and spotted this red transferware pot. It is probably a coffee pot but who says you couldn't use it for tea. 

I was surprised at it's low cost.  I know tea things are not the big rage now but something like this pot is still usually more than this one was priced.

This is a good tea - Stash's White Christmas.  With a name like that it would have to be good!  Love the name and like the tea.

I love these little tea strainers.  Or whatever they are intended to be used for.

The pot just says, made in England on the bottom, no company name.

I have already set up a little tea station for Saturday's brunch.  Since the two ladies that usually drinks tea will not be here I may be the only one to use this!  That's o.k., I still wanted to set up a tea station! The candles will be lit and there will be lots of pictures made so be sure to check back.
Thank you for coming today. I hope you are staying warm and cozy during these holidays.


  1. I love the tea pot/coffee pot. Red transfer ware is one of the things I collect. I combined it and red ruby together in my dining room china cabinet. Enjoyed seeing yours!

  2. I'm such a fan of transferware - that pot is just lovely. And the rich red of the depression glass cup is perfect for the Christmas season!


  3. Hi Betty,
    I was coveting this tea/coffee pot when we visited. I love the shape! The silver spoon is stunning too, very unusual. You definitely have a very well trained eye for the beautiful.

  4. Oh how totally gorgeous!!! I adore the red~beautiful and Christmasy!!

  5. Looking forward to your "Gifts from the kitchen" post.

  6. I love those tea strainers, I don't think I have ever seen any quite like them. They are beautiful.

  7. What a beautiful tea you've set. I adore your red transferware with the beautiful toile pitcher.. hugs ~lynne~


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