Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Last View of Anything Christmas.......

So, what did I see the day after the Big day?...................

..........A totally intact red velvet cake! I forgot to take the picture until after I cut the big slice.  Christmas time is the only time I bake this cake even though it is my favorite. I also had an uncut ranchers pie. No one ate dessert except for one piece off of the next plate.

Santa hats.  I can improve on these next time by doing the "fur" around the bottom differently.

Sour dough bread.........yum, yum, yum. And, there is one of the dollar store pinecones. I managed to use most of the dollar store purchases.

This is a bright red large stoneware bowl from Target - reduced price $11.80.
It contains a southern recipe - boiled custard, similar to eggnog but contains no eggs.

Cream cheese tree with pepper jelly.

The table-setting was basically the same as my brunch table.  Rosemary sprig on the little dish. I must have been very tired by the time I set the table - no spoon and I didn't even notice until looking at the picture.  I will have to say, it wasn't me that placed the glasses on the wrong side.

Very large snowman stocking.

Comfy snowman in the snowman stocking.

Those that enjoyed the meal and fun together. Son-in-law and daughter seated and friends standing.


  1. Hi Betty,
    Oh it all looks so delicious! And what a beautiful family you have~I hope you had a wonderful Christmas!!!

    I wanted to tell you that if you come back to that post about blogging, I added a link that shows how to get rid of word verification--it's really easy! I hope that helps! xo Cindy

  2. I wanted a doggie bag for the dessert but forgot. Especially for the red velvet cake!!!

    That picture of us looks funny to me. You look like a tiny little lady since you were smooshed between us and sat down in. ha!

    It was a fun day! :o)

  3. Such nice photos. I can't believe no one missed the Red Velvet Cake on the Big Day!??! I'd start with dessert next year.

  4. Beautiful, Betty! I wish I was there for some Santa hats and red velvet cake. I was sharing your blog with my Mom and we were impressed with your gorgeous set up. One question is: How did you light up the bottom of the red bowl of custard? We especially liked the Christmas tree pepper jelly :7)
    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year,
    Karen and Mom
    PS I'm still trying to get Christmas Jars read :-P


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