Thursday, December 29, 2011

Tea Treasures Thursday.......

     ......This is a good time, between Christmas and the start of a new year, to relax with a good cup of tea and reflect on past times and the new days ahead.............

Tea time can be an invigorating experience but for me it brings a comforting, peaceful feeling.

Today, I am using Royal Albert's Lilac Lane from their Archive Collection.  The four plates were brought to me from England by my daughter.

On another trip she brought a set of six cup and saucers.

Very nice to use when you want to see, sip and savor!

They afford a great tumble of colors, textures and shapes.

A great way to find beauty to elevate the "everyday" ~ ordinary days.

place of calm opens the soul to its own pleasures.


  1. What a beautiful collection. So precious, so delicate. I bet it even makes the tea and scones taste better, too!

  2. I've always liked this pattern. I never realized, until you started blogging, how many pieces we've brought you. :o)

  3. Oh my gosh, how totally gorgeous!!!! Wishing you a Happy New Year ahead filled with joy and happiness!!!

  4. Oh those are gorgeous cups!! I just love taking tea! Happy New Year!

  5. Do you have a teapot in this pattern? Next time we go over I'll be on a mission to find something for your blog! :o) Not sure yet when Mark wants to go home though.


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