Friday, December 16, 2011

Just a Little Christmas Outside.................

...............I know I said the next post will show kitchen decorations but I decided to show what I have outside first.  I do very little decorating outside - just a few touches.

I'm starting on the back porch.  And, these paperwhites are not just for Christmas, but this time of year is when I start mine.  I thought I had forgotten and waited too long and that these wouldn't have a chance to bloom before Christmas.

But, they shot up and actually got too tall and started falling over. I tied them together with a ribbon and had to prop them up against this ladderback chair.

I tied these big balls on to the trellis and that gives this corner of the yard a bit of a holiday look.

Because this is my favorite decoration for this year I am showing these mittens hanging on the front door again.

This fake window and box is just to the left of the front door. It actually has four of the big glass balls in it but two are difficult to see in this picture. The fresh greenery is from a cypress tree.  I love its ferny delicate look.

The black bench is just under the window box.

This old sled and set of sleigh bells is on the oposite side.

 Down the walk sits this wreath holder on a little built up wall, now holding a bucket of ornaments.  The bucket was a "Gifts From the Kitchen" brunch container a couple of years ago.

This goofy snowman head is just a few more steps down the walk.

He always makes me smile when I notice his details.

Another frosty standing in the bushes.

And finally, my winter banner. It stays here whether it is 80 or 30 degrees or anything in between.
Thanks for stopping by during this very busy holiday season. 


  1. Loved visiting your 'outside' decorations. The white mitts are my favorite of your pictures.

  2. Hi, Betty, I am bj (aka Betty Jean) over from Sweet Nothings. I found you on Cozy Little House blog and thought I'd come by and say HEY. :)
    Your outside decos are beautiful...and the mittens are so cute.
    I am signing up to follow and hope you will come by to see me soon.
    xo bj

  3. What great decorating you have done on the outside of your home! Those mittens on the door are such a great idea!! We started getting our outside ready for painting in the spring and so it looks so bad- I did put a few decorations out but hopefully next year it will be looking pretty enough as yours to show off- this year however all cameras are banned!

    bee blessed

  4. I love everything! The ball ornaments hanging from your arbor are so pretty. I like how you dressed up that windowbox too. Love the little unexpected touches you've added.

  5. Betty I really enjoyed looking at your outside decor, loved the mittens and the window. Isn't Christmas such an exciting time of year? Thank you for your comments and for joining by blog. I've just become a follower of yours also. Christmas Blessings to you. Hugs, Teresa


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