Friday, September 16, 2011

The Changing Seasons ~ Autumn Captures Summer

Fall showed up by my front door this morning. It still feels like hot summer but is looking like autumn.  Here, we can't wait for weather to put us in the mood ~ we would miss fall altogether if we did that!

A sprinkling of leaves and sunshine.

Autumn welcome mat

I like acorns and acorn shaped anything.  It doesn't work well for a bird feeder but I like it hanging near the front door entrance.

He stands guard by the front porch in the fall.

   Sorry.  No room for sitting here.

Aren't fall colors just the best!

In the spring a carolina wren builds a nest in this ~ a square nest.  In the fall it is just the place for pumpkins, flowers and a giant acorn.  Do you see it?

A swag of wooden leaves by the front door.

If you missed my inside fall posts be sure to check the archives - I think I have about four, maybe five different ones ~ I decorated early!

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