Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Tea Treasures Thursday Party

For those like me who are new to blogging and blog viewing, many bloggers link together on designated days and "party". They choose a subject or theme and all post on that and view each others post. I am not equipped to link with others and not experienced enough to make a weekly commitment to others. However I decided to have my own unlinked special day parties. And, all you, my viewers, will be my quests. So, welcome to my first Tea Treasures Thursday Party!

I finally got around to trimming my tropical blue pea vine away from the mailbox. I also left a note of apology in the box for the mail lady for leaving the vine in her way so long. She is a sweet lady and wrote back to me: "that's o.k., I have long arms. lol" Not sure since she was not on line, what the lol is. Maybe, laugh out loud?

Because I had the blue cut flowers I chose a blue tea theme.  I don't use blue in this house much but have kept a few blue dishes.

I don't know why I don't cut these flowers more often. They make a beautiful boquet.

I have collected tea things for years. I don't add on many any more but I love the collection I have.
I have quite a bit of small silver pieces that fit right in with tea parties. Most of mine is just silver plate not sterling but, it is still a treasure to me.

My tea treasures also include some favorite linens I have found here and there.

This is my very special new cup and saucer.  I received this as part of a birthday gift from my friend Lynda yesterday at our annual September Girls Celebration.  My next post will be all about that. So be sure to check back in a day or two.  Lynda chose a c/s that reminded her of each of us.  With the help of her husband it was assembled into a neat bird feeder.  I have wanted one of these for years - meant to make one but never got it done.  This cup and saucer is from Royal Albert the company that does the Old Country Roses pattern. 

It didn't take me long to find a special place for it in my garden, just outside of the dining room window.  I love this gift and the giver!

I am going to enjoy seeing the birds have their tea parties here using this special feeder! Those lucky birds!

This is an over-view of some of my cup collection which will be featured in future Tea Treasure Thursdays.  I have been a tea partier from waaaaaaaay back and have many things to show. I hope you will join me each Thursday (or late Wednesday) for the party.

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  1. You have some beautiful c/s's! I love your display. I don't have many but love them.


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