Thursday, September 1, 2011

So many tiny treasures.............

When I moved to this house which is half as big as the one I left, I pledged not to use everything I brought with me, be selective and not have as much clutter, especially on the walls. Lately, I have seen so much nostalgic items on other peoples blogs and it has made me think of the things I no longer have and wish I did or still have but it is out of sight. I thought, what is the sense of that!!!  So, here is the printer's tray (typeset-drawer) that has been under the guest room bed, face up, collecting dust but, is now on my hallway wall.

So many things remind me of family, friends, trips, my crafting days, many visits to antique stores, etc.

Oh, there's the little cupie doll like those my sister, DeAnna loved! And, the two tinyest, cloth, handmade bears I have ever seen - made (perfectly) by my sister Mamie! The little boys on horses are Justin and Derek, my two oldest grandchildren.

The tallest santa is very old and came from family. I made the top left santa out of clay. The wooden ball inside it's cage (the ball rolls free) was snapped up in a hurry when I saw it in an antique store. My
brothers use to whittle those. This one has initials and the year - 1938 written on the bottom in ink. It is a year older than me.

The key was from my parents house in North Carolina. They said they never locked that back door and I asked for the key.
I made the humpty dumpty and his wall.

I see a trip to Mexico here - the pottery fish. And, there is the tiny pull-toy rabbit on "wheels" that I
painted.  The wooden C with Carrie printed on it. 

One of the smallest woven baskets to be found with two very realistic looking pencils. I believe my niece, Brenda painted the pencils which started life as  toothpicks. Well, maybe I should say, first a tree, then toothpicks and then "pencils".  The smallest cup has my name on it.  The Jan Hagara  figures reminds me of my sister-in-law, Bernice. She had some first and took me to the place where I got my first one. They each have a stamp on them with a year (1980's) and the name of the figure. The one on the bottom left is "Meg".

DeAnna did the paper flower and put it in the pot. I shaped the patriotic rabbit from clay and painted him. He has a cute face but, I like his striped puff tail best. My dad gave me the silver dollar which is from his birth year - 1899. Hard to imagine!  See the very small coins on the black card? Those are made from silver (the penny is copper) and in person you can easily see what coins they are. I got the tiny pig years ago for my niece, Terah and forgot to give it to her. You can have it Terah when you visit me again! I am almost sure she gave me the chicken.

I love the old composition doll.  The only baby doll I remember having was made of "composition" (strange term) and I remember leaving it out where it got rained on and that was the end of her!  O.K., more than enough of walking down memory lane! Too much clutter? No matter, it is staying right here on my wall. And, I am wondering, should I pull out that second one from under the bed??? But now I need to go live some life so I can have another subject to post about.  I hope you enjoyed walking with me. Please leave a comment.


  1. Betty, I like "stuff I love" and memories around me too. Wish I had your knack for making everything look like a showroom. :) Mine just looks like a bunch of "stuff" LOL

  2. Love your blog Betty as I enjoy how you journal thoughts. I have that shadow box and need to get mine out too. I even have some of the same pieces you do.

  3. Betty -- what a wonderful "place" you have created to share your treasures and your thoughts! Thanks for sharing!


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