Saturday, September 24, 2011

Not another one!!!.................

Well, Autumn officially arrived Friday along with my seventy second birthday!  I know, I can't believe it either! About my age, I mean. I have had a good birthday weekend. My son and his family took me to lunch today at the Elephant something - I forget the second word - and we enjoyed a nice time together. Yesterday, my daughter took me to lunch for my traditional birthday steak, also a nice time. On the way home from that and since I was going right by my favorite Home Goods store, Lake Mary, I had to stop and browse in there. Guess what I found!!!  Another following my blog will know why I am having a hard time even saying the word chicken!!!  You remember last weeks now famous chicken?   In the 80's I had a whole kitchen full of chickens. I got over that and didn't keep any of those and have no intention of starting another collection.  but, lately chickens seem to be jumping out at me!

This pedestal dish really caught my eye. The first thing I thought of was, cheese server.

Just like last weeks chicken I liked it's shape. Are those chicken feet around that thing?

And, I liked it's colors.  But, it doesn't look like a chicken, you say. Well, I might as well turn it around!


Just like last week, I like its features.  And the good part is, it was a bargain.  And, after all, it was my birthday and I deserve another chicken bargain on my birthday.

How about a nice healthy snack to celebrate. Seventy two years ago my family was living in hard times. Lot's of people were because of the war. This morning I remembered a memento of those times that I still have.

Some foods were rationed out and each family member was given a ration coupon book. This is mine when I was three years old.

I had stamps left over!

Times aren't easy for lots of people in the present age. I guess if we go back to ration books I am one step ahead. Wonder how many stamps it would take to get a chicken, ummmmmmmm?


  1. Wow, Betty, Happy Birthday!!! It sounds like you have been having a wonderful celebration!! And I love your chi-chi-chicken!!! and that is so interesting about the rationing stamps. It sure reminds me that we need to be so grateful for our blessings, indeed.

    Have a wonderful weekend and continued birthday celebration!!

  2. I used to have a chicken kitchen too! The war ration booklet is really neat. I've never seen anything like it.

    Happy Birthday!



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