Sunday, September 18, 2011

"There is beauty in all things"

I was browsing in a Ross store this afternoon when I read that saying on a sign - "there is beauty in all things".  I rounded the corner and started down the next isle when I saw this.....

Does anyone see beauty?  I did! Well, it might be a stretch to call this hen beautiful but the situation turned into beauty for me!  I loved her at first sight and picked her up looking for the price. There was nothing on her except a string around her neck where I am sure a tag once hung. I checked to see if there was possibly a second one somewhere but she was alone.  I went searching for someone who could tell me how much she was worth hoping she would be a bargain.

She is a good size, measures 13 inches and is heavy. Looks and feels like concrete (painted) but is not quite heavy enough to be made of that.  I found a worker and asked if she knew how much she would cost.  She went looking to see if there was a second one - I could have saved her the time.  The worker said she would find another chicken and go make a tag for this one.  She picked up a small, ugly glass chicken and it was five something. And, was about to take that tag to make one like it for my chicken, when she spied another one uglier than the first and it was four something.  Off she went and came back with a new sticker - $5.00.  I could not have been happier - and, there is beauty in all things!

She has great details.  Just look at her feet.  At first I thought they were rusted metal (a good thing)  but they are not.  They may be metal but painted not rusted. She is steady on her feet!

And, look at her nice tail.

And, her wings.

She is the perfect size to pair up with Grayson.  I got Grayson three years ago at half price ($18.) in Gray, Tennessee.

Grayson has a bit of a mean expression on his face, even before I brought the hen home.

He has a beautifully detailed tail.

We will have to see how they get along.  And, I need to come up with a name for the hen. Any suggestions?  I may have to move my whole kitchen around to find a perfect place for them.

As, Martha would say, it's a good thing!


  1. Your chicken is adorable! How about Rossalyn....?

  2. Jackie, I like the name Rossalyn. Rossalyn from Ross's. Grayson and Rossalyn. I have got Mrs Henly for another suggestion. I will have to decide or look for a second hen!

  3. Betty, thanks for visiting my blog, I really appreciate it. Rossalyn is a good name for your hen but I think she should be named Dumpling. That sounds like a sweet name that Grayson might call his lady. Hehe.---------- Shannon

  4. Oh, I am sure you have chosen a name but I think Gertie....Gertie and Grayson sitting under a tree....p e c k i n g.....I know, its silly!! But your chicken is cute!


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