Sunday, September 4, 2011

My Winter Springs ......................

I realize that these pictures made in my little town will not be exceedingly interesting to some of you. But, I want to ask, have you ever been within walking distance of something many, many, times but never bothered to look at it?  Today, I parked behind the little shopping area where my favorite grocery store is and was amazed to see up close what I had never walked up to and really looked at. Click on the pictures to see more details.

This flag was hung all over town two years ago when Winter Springs became fifty!

This is the median of a street which is about a half block long. Side streets on each end of this run back to the high school. The back side of the Publix shopping area is just a few steps to the right. This must be the half block area that a politician talked about when she was running for the city council. She cited it as an example of what she would not do - spend two million dollars of tax payer money on a half block area!  The sad part is it is practically invisible to the public.

A large fountain and pool with benches placed all the way around, and beautiful landscaping.

It continues with more large hard scape and great brickwork. The pole in the middle is a lamp post.

Beautifully done!

At the far end is this memorial for veterans. Around the circle on a built up ledge are many names and dates. I would assume from the last fifty years.

I can believe that two million went into this project.  But it seems so lonesome back here out of sight.

Here is what one of my master gardener teachers told us not to do. He does not like landscaping that looks like "ice cream cones and lolly pops"!  He very much dislikes them!  I basically agree with him but occasionally there is a place for a specimen like this.

I will have to say that everything is well maintained!

I drove about two miles to get this picture which is at the entrance of a well known older housing development.  This is one of two. The other one is to my back across the entrance street and perfectly mirrors this.  It is visible to many going to and fro.

I drive by this often on my way to Publix (directly across the street here) and on my way to Church. 
driving down the street you can see the porches all the way down the structure - a very pleasant scene.

Now, I am back in my neighborhood.  This street is like driving through a scrub oak tunnel. It makes me think of old Florida, still in the wild.

Another drive within walking distance of my house - is left very natural.

Three doors up from my house - neighbor's crepe myrtle trees. The picture doesn't do them justice.

My jungle by the mailbox!  This tropical blue pea vine has started to decline, showing yellowing leaves but is still full of vivid blue flowers.  Early in the summer it was winding around and over everything - roses, loropetalum, mailbox, etc. so, I staked it with a spiral metal piece. It covered that up and is still going wild!

I am wondering if the mail lady will be happy when it disappears for the winter.  Thank you for sticking with me through this tour. The end of the summer is not the best look in my yard but come spring and I will show you more pictures closer to home.

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