Wednesday, September 7, 2011

I see polka dots...............

       Polka dots seem to be having a resurgence! I've been seeing them everywhere. I have always loved polka dots.The thing I think about when I see polka dots is the word cheerful . Don't they just have a happy look! The polka dot pattern is linked to the dance and also some happy tunes - Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Yellow Polka Dot Bikini - 1960. And, Polka Dots and Moonbeams from farther back - 1940. Well-known people have been photographed wearing polka dots. I am so bummed because I had some really neat pictures from the internet to share (Elisabeth Taylor, Diana, Marilyn Monroe, Minnie Mouse, dotted shoes etc. but, cannot get them to a place where the blog will upload them! I have plenty of my own dots, however.  You can inlarge the pictures by clicking on them. Then hit your return arrow.

Lot's of colors of decorative paper dots! 

I use a lot of ribbon in card making. It's pretty easy to see what my favorite colors are.

A dotted chicken.

A dotted chicken on a polka dot nest.

A good cup of tea surrounded by dots.

Throw in some good German chocolate and it's a happy day.

I wish I had some yummy baked goods to place on  the red dot platter but the chocolate will have to do.

The plastic container keeps salads happy.

I choose one of these little bowls for my cereal most every morning.

I came to my desk to post and noticed my address book has dots and these little note cards with dots were in sight too.  Like I said, dots are everywhere. If I kept looking I am sure I have more dots but we may already be in dot overload!  If you are not still seeing dots before your eyes, leave me a note telling about your polka dot world.

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  1. You are right Betty, polka dots = smiles! I almost bought some polka dot upholstery fabric today, but just wasn't sure if I'd have a place to use it, it was an unusual color combo.


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