Friday, September 2, 2011

Crazy Lady on the Corner!!!

A quick, short post to tell you what I did this morning.  Earlier in the week I gathered up a few sprigs that had fallen from the tall, long-needled pine tree in my yard.  Thinking they were too nice to just toss in the trash, I placed them on the patio. Today, I noticed them there and they were not as fresh looking as before so I realized this was the last chance to do what had run through my mind the other day. So, I set about gathering a few other items and began to work on a christmas arrangement! But first, I glanced up and down the sidewalk making sure a neighbor was not walking by. I did not want to be thought of as what I used as my lead-in title!  Now I knew full well that the pine greenery would shortly turn to brown ugly so I had no plans for this other than to take some pictures. I got five keepers out of several attempts and I am happy. I am not about to do a big christmas posting yet but will show you just a teaser.  Come back in December to see the other four!  It's really not that far away, you know.

Please leave a comment.  Just don't call me crazy lady!  And, be sure to check out older posts.


  1. I sure like that fact that you are planning ahead cause that is the key to a good blog---we think ahead to the next holiday. I will come back to see how this turned out. As for being crazy---I really like that about you too. ;)

  2. Just looked at your whole blog and really enjoyed it! The pictures really make it special! I especially like the printer's tray with all the little treasures! I like the little teddy bears Aunt Mamie made. I have one of the ball-in-cage toys that my dad made - wish I had them all. He made one with 2 balls in it, but I think we left it at church one time when we were kids!

  3. Betty, I'm so looking forward to seeing your Christmas decorations. You always seem to come up with new ideas year after year! Christmas is my favorite time (along with Fall). I wait for it all year and in a flash, it's gone. Starting early is a good thing!


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