Saturday, September 10, 2011

The colors of September

Yesterday, I broke the vow I have made for myself.  I left the house without my camera! I should have some great pictures of  neat, historic, Mount Dora to share!  I ate lunch at the beautiful, very old Mount Dora Hotel. Two good friends and I celebrated one friend's birthday. It was a nice time in a photogentic setting but, of course, I have no photo's.  Maybe the next trip up there will be more productive, picture wise.  Instead, I will share some more fall accents from in and around my house.

This sign welcomes visitors as they near my front door.

I love hanging chairs on walls. Maybe I should have been a Shaker. That's where they stored their chairs when they weren't in use.  If I had bigger walls I would hang bigger chairs!

I also like to set stools on countertops. This one was made by a grandma way back in our family many years ago. It's probably a good thing I don't have much countertop space ~ no tellin' what might be found on them!

Beautiful colors of the cloak of fall!

Autumn enchantment  is an inspiration for joy!  Festive, fabulous fall!

A cute little jar of Sugar Shack's jalapeno strawberry preserves ~ just the right amount to spread over a block of cream cheese.

                                                   If you don't have cake ~ use flowers.

                                                   Pears help cheer on the arrival of fall.

                               Even this busy little bird is enjoying the presentations of autumn.

I visited Sams yesterday with the hope of finding gourds or something to add to the look of the season.
 They didn't have much to offer so I am using this picture from a few years back.  I did purchase these gourds at Sams that year for a very small price. I added some scotchbonnet peppers and totally enjoyed this big wooden bowl with its offerings.

And, ta daaaaa!  I feel like Cinderella's godmother, except I turned a paperback book into a pumpkin. It does not photograph well but considering the little effort it takes I am quite pleased with the results ~ a shabby chic pumpkin.

                                                I like it better with the added bronze ribbon.

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  1. Wow, that's awesome. I love all of your fall accents. I am a new follower.


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