Tuesday, September 13, 2011

It was easy after all and I met an outstanding worker....

   Sometimes it does us good to go without something we want or even need. Several months ago, the oven of my stove which may have been from the late eighties, decided enough is enough! And I decided I will not spend to get that old thing that didn't work good in the first place fixed. Partly because I am a procrastinator and partly because I expected to run into problems getting one to fit the space that had about 1/8 of an inch spare room and, also knowing that the countertops had been made to fit around the old stove, and most of all, because I hate to handle this kind of business by myself, I let months go by with no stove and no microwave. It's amazing how many GOOD looking recipes you see when you know you cannot bake them. Several times in the grocery store I came very close to gathering up ingredients for something that would need to be baked. The old oven didn't work very good but, it sure was better than no oven!
Well, I finally bought a new flat top stove with working oven! After some delivery problems and the fact that when the old stove was pulled out there was no receptacle to plug into - the old one was wired direct, I was blessed yesterday when the electrician that came not only did his job of installing a receptacle but managed to move the new stove in from the garage by himself with no dolley, got it into the slot, and spent a good bit of time getting it leveled and raised to be even with the countertops.  Oh, yes, he also dragged the old one down the driveway and it was shortly loaded up and hauled away! I am rejoicing over having a new stove and the fact that there are strangers that will go the extra mile! Too many words and sentences too long so, let me just show you how the oven works ~

Peach cobbler hot out of my new oven!!!  Baked to perfection.

I wish I could serve up a big portion to that worker who went out of his way to help.

It IS good.

I would gladly share the recipe but, I don't have one.

I used this!

Now, on to another subject. I had driven by an empty lot several days where someone had set up an "in the empty field" sale. The first day I spotted a metal head board for a full size bed and drooled as I past by. The next time it was still there so I figured it was probably pricey and I shouldn't even consider it. Sunday, I couldn't resist and stopped. Pictured below is my new treasure. It is just about shabby chic ready to use. But, I don't need a head board of any kind so, what I bought will be turned into a black trellis for outside.  This picture is just a 'before'  tease. I will show the 'after' in place - sometime in the future.


  1. Your peach cobbler looks wonderful and I can almost smell the aroma thru the computer!

    I haven't forgotten about your problem, just running a bit behind due to a 6 hour power outage.

  2. That looks wonderful. I just joined you. I am new too so come visit I would love to chat.
    Where did you get the lovely red china?

  3. Thanks for stopping by my new blog and leaving a nice comment. I must say that peach cobbler looks divine. That's my kind of cooking (a mix) right there too! Ha! Love that dish it's served in too.

  4. I am so excited to meet you! Another Central Florida Girl! The central Florida bloggers have occasionally gotten together if we do again I will announce it on my blog. It would be great if you could join us. I do very little stamping, but I am loving fabric stamping. I just put 100 rubber stamps I found at an estate sale into my booth. I kept about 50 for myself, How many rubber stamps can a girl have ???? LOL


  5. Hi, Betty. So nice to meet you! I see Carol has introduced herself above too. Your cobbler looks amazing and has me reaching for a snack today at work. Hope to see you around at the thrift shops, estate sales and local antique stores. We need to do another bloggers luncheon. Carol and I will keep you posted on that. xoxo


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